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My First Sweater

I am currently working on my very first sweater.  It has been in progress since about March.  I was having trouble sleeping at that time, and thought something larger and more challenging than scarves would be good.

Since I have a red blotchy reaction to most wool and acrylic I went on the hunt for some nice cotton yarn.  This was a lot easier said than done since wool is a much more popular choice for sweaters up here in the great frozen north!  I did finally stumble across a nice Araucania Patagonia Nature Cotton in a varigated blue that was on sale!!  YES, I love yarn, and I love it more when it is on sale (especially considering I realized I needed a LOT more to make a sweater than I did to make a scarf!)!!

I started the Colorful Stripes Turtleneck (minus the stripes) from a book I had picked up at Michael’s (you do have to love those 40% off coupons).  The yarn has a nice thick and thin character which makes the rather simple sweater a little more interesting.

In my opinion I have been making good progress…

My final step is to master circular needles to finish off the neck and then finish all of the seams.

I now feel so capable (a false sense of security most of the time) and can’t wait to start another sweater!!!!


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And so it begins…..

Hi!  My name is Sara, and I just discovered the fascinating blog world this past summer.   I have discovered that knitting is almost as soothing to my soul as sitting on the beach with a very large umbrella drink can be (and, of course, knitting WITH the large umbrella drink is even better)!  So knitting has topped my list of favorite things….above the piano, reading, volleyball, junk food, Nancy Drew books, and exercise class (OK, almost everything is above exercise class on my list)….of course, knitting has not surpassed cute boys (never too many of those), classic movies (are there better knitting companions than Cary Grant, Audrey & Katherine Hepburn, or Doris Day), and good friends (of course, when they let me knit when we hang out everything is perfect!)!

I would not be the first in my family to jump on the knitting bandwagon.  My Mom was much more of a seamstress than a knitter when I was growing up, but her pretty metal needles were so cool!  Her patience, however, was not quite cut out for knitting.  Take for example the sweater she was knitting for my senior pictures (yes, we are talking high school, people!).  I have given her unlimited grief over the past (OMG is it pushing 20) years that it has probably rusted on the needles since it is still NOT done!!

Even with her failure in mind (OK, she has finished other projects in that time, but I’m just saying that not a one of them was for me!) I had it in my mind that I wanted to learn to knit.  I needed a reason to buy gorgeous yarn (touching it, looking at it, buying it…all make me VERY happy!)!  When I first mentioned wanting to learn, my Mom generously weeded out her pretty old aluminum needles and gave me a variety of sizes and lengths to start with.  Last October when I finally psyched myself up for my new adventure, I became the proud owner of an instruction book with patterns, and my first gorgeous sample of Chunky Misti Alpaca for my very first scarf!!  Upon telling my Mom of my very exciting purchase she also recommended a skein of Red Heart from WalMart to practice with (so that I wouldn’t mangle my first exciting purchase….she is where I learned my brief moments of practicality).

As it turns out, the pretty alpaca scarf did not end up being my first FO…..instead a couple of dish cloths that I gave as Christmas gifts were created…


but the ribs & ruffles scarf was finally completed in February and given to my sister as a birthday gift.


So I may not have been the first in my family to venture into knitting, but I am the first to venture into blogging!  I have become quite the lurker/stalker as I have started to look for online help with my knitting projects.  It is quite comforting to know that you all are out there sharing your problems and solutions to help keep me on track!  (Yeah, I know you are not really doing all of this for me….but that thought keeps me in my happy place, and, yes, the sky in my world is not always the same color as it is everywhere else!)  The interesting projects, gorgeous yarn, and far-off locations & sights have made  my blog lurking feel like a much-needed, budget-friendly vacation (that I take as many times a day as I can!)!  It seemed like such a nice little community with great people, that I thought it was about time I joined!

So bear with me as all of this blog technology sinks in, and I attempt to learn to make this work as well as all of you have!!

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