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I just got home from knitting night.  I am so close to being done with my Noro Striped Scarf, but just can’t seem to wrap it up.  It has been an easy project that feels like it is taking forever!  I know it would help if I would just focus and finish it, but I seem to have a few too many projects going on simultaneously right now!

Trish and I recapped her fabulous Halloween party from Saturday night and watched Dancing with the Stars.  This is not a show I had watched until last season, and have since discovered I know a lot of people who watch it!  I have not become a fanatic, but what else is on on Monday nights??  🙂  We were shocked that Sabrina was the one to get let go tonight!!  I thought she was extremely talented….but this is coming from the girl that couldn’t dance to save her life!

Tomorrow I am breaking out the biker chick costume once again for work.  I might even share some pics to document my participation in dressing up for the 2nd time this year!


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Tea Cozy Progress

10-29 Tea Cozy Update

Progress is being made on my Aunt’s tea cozy (yes, it resembles 1/2 of a hat, but it will be better when I get the other side done!)!!  Look at all of those little cables!  Who knew I would have the patience!!  And I am also giving myself a pat on the back – since there is no one else here to do it – because it is the first time I have done a complete pattern with no mistakes!!  Now if I can do the 2nd panel as smoothly!!  I am a little worried that this should have been slightly larger since there is a 2nd layer that will go on the inside (converting old british needles sizes is not my forte – even with help – so if there are issues I am blaming it on the age of the pattern!  I believe in being fully prepared with excuses!).  But I have faith it will all work out! 

While telling one of my friends about my project I found out that she is an avid tea drinker and has been in search of a wool tea cozy!  So if this turns out well, guess what she is getting for Christmas!!!

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Yarn & Needles

One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning is going to estate sales.  It’s not that I need a thing to buy….it’s just interesting seeing what the material results of someone’s life were.  For sale are things that no one else in the family wanted and so they are being sold to people that will continue to use and love them (or antique dealers that are looking to stock their stores).  I can go to several sales and purchase nothing (my house is in need of nothing), but there are some things I can’t pass up…

 10-27 New Needles

I have a weird compulsion to love brightly colored aluminum needles.  I know some people favor beautiful wooden needles, and even more people won’t knit on anything except circulars.  I love the sound of the aluminum needles, and I love the thought that some little old lady – somewhere – would be happy that I am continuing to use and love her needles.

After my complete score on the knitting paraphenalia, I headed to St Paul to check out The Yarnery.  Much to my surprise Grand Avenue was chaotic with adults and children dressed up to participate in Boo Bash.  Parking was nuts and the sidewalks were crowded, but The Yarnery was heaven!  The store is very cozy and well organized.  The staff was genuinely friendly (something that is frequently lacking), and everyone (staff and customers) were having a good time.  There was a sock class that was beginning when I arrived….I am so going to check into going back and taking the class!  In the meantime, I got my yarn fix (I had to have something to use the before-mentioned needles with!)!

10-27 New Yarn

Today will be spent dealing with more leaves!  I love fall, but I am beginning to tire of yardword!!

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Sock Yarn!!

I am so excited I could spit!  (Yes, the saying is weird and slightly gross, and I have no idea what it means, but yet I still use it!  If it was good enough for Grandpa…I can use it!)  I finally got to buy sock yarn today!!!  I still have not ventured into the world of circular needles or socks, but I do love looking at everyone else’s beautiful sock yarn!  I have just had no need for any sock yarn (have you noticed I only make scarves and that would take FOREVER with sock yarn!).  BUT on Ravelry I found the cutest teapot cosy pattern for my aunt’s Christmas present.  And it requires fingering weight yarn!!

10-24 PA Teapot & yarn 2

I just felt so grown-up (in a knitterly sort of way) while standing in front of the bins of brightly colored thin yarn!  I ended up with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Fantasy Dot and some solid cream Treliske organic merino.  So very exciting!!!  I can’t wait to cast on tonight!!

In other news I am debating on going out to see crazy aunt purl at the Mall of America tomorrow night (she cracks me up!) for her book signing.  I love the MOA, but don’t know anyone available to go with me, so will see how adventuresome I get about going solo (it would mean skipping exercise class which is a good reason all in itself!).  I also need to put together a costume for a Halloween party on Saturday.  I am thinking Harley/biker chic….I’ve always wanted to be one!  😉  My alter-ego could come alive!!

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OK, I have officially become one of “those neighbors”.  The crazy lady that everyone wonders, “What is wrong with her?”  I get home this evening at about 6…which means the light is getting weaker.  My front yard has a lot of leaves which drives me crazy (have I mentioned that I might have a slight OC – without the D – problem?).  I grab the leaf blower and then fire up the lawn mower to take care of them….even though it is now dark and my motion sensored light keeps coming on.  Who cares!!  🙂  I got the bulk of them picked up and can now sleep in peace!  Yes, I am crazy!

But the good news is….I finished another scarf!  Weeeell, it would be more impressive if it wasn’t the one that has been sitting there waiting to be finished for over a month.  All that I needed to do was bind it off, but I really wanted to find a new bind off method that would work better with the 1X1 ribbing (have you noticed this is my pattern of choice lately).  I tried a couple of different methods (a sewn bind off and something that didn’t even have a name).  Neither one of them have become my new “favorite” bind off method… but who cares!  The scarf is finally done!!

10-23 Pink Scarf 5

I used the Reynolds Cabana again on this one.  I really like the way the stitches are clearly defined, and it has a drapey feeling that I like.  This time I used a long-tail cast on which worked MUCH better.  This is my new favorite cast on! 

 10-23 Pink Scarf 3

I still had trouble with color changes, so my edges are a little rough.  The Cabana also has a tendency to not stay woven in when I am trying to hide my ends (I think I read somewhere that this is called worming).  But I like the colors (purchased them with my cousin’s wife in mind) and think it is fun!  Another Christmas gift done!

Now if my yard will only stay leaf-free until morning so I can at least see the results of my craziness!!

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We had sun today!!!  It was a beautiful day, and I did get out in the yard for some much needed fall clean up.  I am not done since I have beautiful huge trees in the backyard that still have leaves to drop, but at least for this afternoon it sure did look pretty.

I was also productive inside…

10-19 Wind Painting 1

I picked up this beautiful Rodney White painting this week and absolutely love it!  I was not sure if it would be too much blue (since I am hanging it on blue walls), but I am happy with it.  I tend to paint rooms in my house frequently (this room used to be Barbie pink), so when I get tired of the blue walls (or move) I can reassess if I would prefer a different color for it to hang on.  I like the philosophical saying and the texture and colors.  Getting this hung also gave me the motivation to get the blue room cleaned up.  It’s amazing how much stuff one person can collect, and I am focusing very hard on making my donation pile very large.  Decluttering is very soothing for me!

Not only did I clean and decorate…..I also repotted my aloe plant!

10-19 Aloe Plant

Yes, this is a pretty trivial matter, but I was very excited to find that I had the perfect old pot for it in the garage (I did mention my tendency to collect all kinds of stuff and stick it anywhere it will fit, right?  The garage and basement are treasure troves!).  I have wanted an aloe plant for years, but did not get around to getting one until this summer.  He now has the perfect pot, and will hopefully grow like a weed!

I have been knitting on my Noro scarf and my Vintage Velvet scarf in my free time this weekend.  Making good progress on both, but really hope to finish one of them in the next couple of days!  There are so many other new projects I am dying to start….but alas, I have so many already in progress!!  I do, however, need to hunt up a nice tea cozy pattern….sounds very old school, but is the perfect present for my aunt!  That’s next on the list after the scarves!!

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Christmas Scarves

There has the potential to be many posts titled like this, since Christmas with my extended family this year was stipulated to be “home made”.  My first thought was, “Everyone gets a scarf!”  I may get more creative than that, but it is a good place to start….especially with the guys!

While in Indianapolis in May my sister and I visited The Golden Thimble.  A quaint little house that was full to the brim with yarn…AND all of it was 50% off!  Good timing on our part!  I was trying to shop with others in mind, so started thinking Christmas.  My cousin and his family live in Kansas, so their temperatures don’t get nearly as cold as here.  I headed to the cottons and found Reynolds Cabana which is a kind of cool cotton/acrylic blend.  Since my knitting experience is still a little low (and I was trying to think what to make the guys), a scarf seemed perfect for my cousin and his son.  I got the Cabana in red and taupe for my cousin, and hope that he likes it!

10-16 Kerry's Scarf

I completed it in August and did a 1X1 ribbing on size 10 needles.  This was my first attempt at the the slip stitch edging.  I had read many ways to do it, and opted for slipping the first and last stitch (as if to purl) on every other row.  It didn’t finish off as well as I would have liked….I don’t know whether the yarn is too round or the needles were too big.  I am now doing a slip stitch edging on my Noro Striped Scarf, but am doing an even amount of stitches and only slipping (as if to purl) the first stitch of each row…..I like the way this looks much better (again I don’t know if it is me, the yarn, or if there really is a difference!).  I also wasn’t totally pleased with the cast on and bind off on this baby….they kind of sag (and since I am over 30, I can be very sensitive about anything sagging!)!

But it was my first attempt at a 1X1 ribbing scarf, and I am pleased with how it looks and won’t be embarrassed to give it as a gift.  I am, however, also noting all things that bug me and hope they will be a good learning experience for all future projects!

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