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Yes, it is fall in MN, so what do I expect?  The colors are pretty, the days are crisp, and I love wearing jeans and sweatshirts again!  I do, however, miss the sunlight.  By the time I get home from work the sun is getting lower, and if I run any errands it is definitely dusk (especially today when it has been mostly cloudy all day)!

This explains why the pictures I planned to take of my newly started Vintage Velvet scarf are not so good!  I had taken pictures of the yarn a couple of weekends ago….so I do have proof that it is sunny here sometimes!

10-07 Muench Touch Me

I have 6 skeins of Muench Touch Me yarn in Color 3609 (Turquoise)!!  I was so excited when I purchase them…..they are just sooooo soft!  I cast on this past weekend, and worked on it feverishly last night with Trish on our knitting night.  I thought I had made good progress….

10-10 Vintage Velvet Progress

I know the details don’t show at all….so I was just impressed with the length!  🙂  But as I was trying my best to photograph it (with no natural light), I noticed what I think is a mistake!  (me, mess up my counting, etc…..never!)  And I also realize that my photographing skills need some work since there is no point of reference for anyone except me to really understand exactly how long it is!  (Wow, this is work!)

10-10 Vintage Velvet Mistake

Do you see it in the upper left?……yes, I know the photo is horrible and no one could see a mistake from actual stitches, but I had to try!  I am hoping that if I do a couple more rows it won’t be a mistake and will just be the stitches pulling “funny”.  (This is how I keep myself hopeful.)  But while I hope that I really don’t have to take any rows out…please note the very pretty stitch markers my sister made for me (the only reason I left the picture in)!  She has been making her own glass beads for over a year now.  I have some beautiful earrings from her….and now very cool stitch markers!  (Since this scarf is going to be her Christmas present I know she will appreciate that I actually used her markers to make it!)  I will try for better pictures later!


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