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Knitting A.D.D.

I might be having a little knitting A.D.D. lately!  Tonight instead of working on or even finishing anything that I have started I cast on for the Koolhaas Hat from Interweave Knits Gifts – Holiday 2007.  I justified my new project with the excuse that I could use circular needles again, which I still don’t feel totally comfortable with (that joining thing does not always look so good for me).  After cruising through the 1 1/2″ of ribbing I realized I was going to have to read a chart for the rest of the pattern.  Yep, I have never done that before, and once again I am stalled!  NOT defeated!  Just stalled!  I will do some surfing tomorrow and figure out exactly how I am supposed to read the darn thing, and see if I can finish it up this weekend while it snows.  (They are predicting our 1st snow storm.  Those weather people are not always accurate, but I will prepare as if they are!)

Before it starts snowing on Saturday I am going to check out the No Coast Craft-o-Rama.  It looks like it should be very fun!!


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Well, I survived Thanksgiving!  At my house that can be counted as an accomplishment in itself!  The infamous (at least in my world) stained glass scarf did not get completed for my uncle.  He instead got a CD of country Christmas favorites.  I am very close and will send it off in the mail to him before Christmas actually arrives.  That kind of sums up the whole holiday….a lot of hype and a bit of a letdown.

On my drive back here Saturday night I was chatting with my old college roommate (who still lives in Iowa) and we were comparing Thanksgivings.  Our older sisters are similar in personalities and so we can usually compare “oddities” that happen, and we have known each other for years so also know what each our families can be like….(just typing that makes me remember how nice it is to have friends like that).  We both agreed this was not a holiday we were looking forward to this year, and were both glad it was over.  We discussed whether anyone actually has one of those “we are so happy to see our families” holidays.  She had overhead people in her kids’ school hallways discussing how they were looking forward to spending the holiday with extended family.  We don’t feel that way.  So either we are just odd, or we can’t put that glossy veneer on as well as other people.  I love White Christmas and Holiday Inn and want my holidays to have that happy glow.

The holidays are nice, and I love all of the spirit that goes with them.  However, I usually end up feeling a bit deflated, like there should have been something magic…..I know, too many Hallmark commercials (I do love those!).  I am just airing my funk, and will put some effort into getting back in the spirit tomorrow.  Sometimes I just need a day to not be chipper, and have a funk!  In the meantime I will watch Dancing with the Stars (there’s a lot of chipper on that show), and eat comfort food!

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Too much to do and too little time is the story of everyone’s life, but it is currently my life and I am not liking it!!  First off….the tea cozy….real cute until I tried to add details.  The pattern called for this complicated bouquet of flowers that I could not for the life of me make.  So I opted for a large felted one on top…..

11-18 Tea Cozy

Good Heavens that looks dorky  (the flower itself does actually look slightly better than this picture portrays, I used Touch Me which gave it some shine and character, but the overall effect is comic)!!!  So I am trying to make some pink ones….increase the level of dorkiness and it will looked planned, right?  I’m really hoping it is just a scale issue, and more will improve it.  This will not get finished until I get to Iowa, so maybe my Mom and sister will also have some good input.

Then there is the stained glass scarf.  I am half done.

11-18 Stained Glass Scarf

Yes, I am proud to say that I have about 2 1/2 feet of this baby done.  HOWEVER, this has taken me lots of hours, so that means I still have lots of hours to go.  I need to finish the other half by Friday (with a lot family around to distract me, one of whom I will need to hide this from since he will receive it).  Hmmmmmm.  There are several late nights in my future!!

But the house is straightened up (a must before I leave for a few days….who likes to come home to a dirty house?), and the laundry is done.  The tea cozy, the scarf, and the potatoes (my culinary contribution to Thanksgiving) are all still up in the air.  I leave for Iowa tomorrow after work……again with the pressure!

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I woke up this morning to this…..

11-17 Snow

Yes, that is snow on my deck!  It is still flurrying around in the air, so who knows if we will accumulate any more since I haven’t seen the weather in days.  I know that this will not last (probably not even until lunch), but I suddenly have Christmas urges!  This would be the perfect weekend to decorate so that when I get back here after Thanksgiving everything is ready.  But I only have 12 ” of the Stained Glass done.

11-17 1 foot of stained glass

I am still just fascinated with how cool the pattern turns out, but I am so SLOW!!!  I need to make huge progress this weekend so that I can give it to my uncle on Thursday.  So instead of decorating this morning I am going to knit and watch Music of the Heart.  How perfect….sit on the couch and knit while it snows!

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Instant Gratification

OK, it might not be absolutely instant….but for me to finish a project in approximately 2 hours is unheard of!!  I needed to make a wine cozy for my cousin’s wife for Christmas (which we celebrate at Thanksgiving).  I found an uncomplicated pattern that would guide me along the way.  I bought some Cascade 220 wool and was on my way.  It was the first time I had turned in the middle of a row (is that a short row?) AND the first time I had actually used circular needles.  Yay, me!!  🙂  (I am big on self congratulating)

11-11 Wine Cozy Unfelted 1

I think that whoever invented felting should get an award!  Any mistakes that are made (though, of course, there were none involved in this project) miraculously disappear after felting!  I love it!

11-11 Felted Wine Cozy

I even got fancy and did stripes! 

In a complete contrast, as I was felting this gem I cast on for the Stained Glass Scarf from Handknit Holidays (very appropriate for my handmade Christmas).  Progress on this will be very slow, and I am so praying I can get it done by next Wednesday!  All of the painful details will follow in the next week.

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At the craft show I went to on Saturday, I got these.

11-11 Paper Christmas Ornaments

My friend’s mother made them, and I cannot even imagine the time that went into them!

11-11 Paper Christmas Snowflake

It is a paper art/craft called quilling.  I had never heard of it, and had never seen it.  I can tell you any tedium I experience in knitting can be nothing compared to this!

11-11 Paper Christmas Ornament

I think I will have a small tree this year that just displays these…..they are just light, airy, and beautiful!

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Saturday Yarn

I have made huge progress on my tea cozy this week, and will hopefully have finished pictures of it tomorrow!  I also went to a craft sale today hosted by one of my friends and her sisters.  It was in one of their houses and ran for 3 days (today being the last day).  These are some really talented ladies!  I picked up some very fun stuff, and will hopefully have pictures to post of that tomorrow too (one would wonder why I am posting today since I won’t have any pictures mentioned yet until tomorrow!).

On my way home I stopped at Amazing Threads.  This is my LYS that is consistently friendly and always has me leaving with a smile (and usually some yarn).  It is not close in proximity to my house, but is worth the drive for the friendly ladies and fun customers!  My purpose for stopping there today was to pick up yarn to make the Stained Glass Scarf for my uncle.  It needs to be done by Thanksgiving and I have never attempted double knitting before.  I needed to get the yarn so that I could get it started and see if I could realistically get it done it time!  This is the very pretty yarn that I bought…and I will keep you updated on my progress which will hopefully be good tomorrow (yes, tomorrow is going to be busy!).

11-10 Scarf yarn

The colors are not very true because once again we are having a cloudy day and I think it got dark at around 3 PM!  🙂  I am off to surf and get some tips on double knitting.  I will be casting on soon!

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