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Laundry Day

Sunday at my house is laundry day.  It sounds odd to say and I think of women in the 50’s who had a designated laundry day, but if I don’t designate a day I never have the clean clothes I need when I want them and who knows when the sheets will get laundered!  I mention this because this year I bought myself new PJ’s for Christmas…..

12-30 Pajamas

I am one of those people that really never has enough pajamas or handbags.  AND if you make anything polka dot I am a HUGE fan!!  I purchased them and immediately ran home and put them on.  So imagine my absolute horror today (since it is laundry day) when I take them out of the dryer (still slightly damp since I want my lovely pj’s to stay a perfect fit) and they have shrunk a good 6″ in length!!!  They are quite seriously capris now.  The top also shortened up considerably….but the pants are crazy!  I am tall to start with, so short pants are just not going to cut it in my world….even if I am the only one who will see them.  After all I am the only one that cares, so too short is wrong!  So I bagged them back up and returned them this afternoon.  I have worked in retail before so I know defective merchandise is quite common, but I always feel like one of “those” people that returns something I have worn and laundered (at least I have laundered them because some people don’t do that…ISH!).  I am not a chronic complainer, I just cannot stand short pants!  So tonight I will be sleeping in my old, yet long enough pj’s.

Onto my knitting world.  I had promised pictures of my Daiquiri dishcloth, but could not get enough sun yesterday to show the pattern.  Granted my photography skills are limited and I think my camera is getting ready to go on the fritz, but I finally got it so you could actually see the daiquiri!

12-27 Daiquiri Dishcloth

I made it from a pattern that I found on the Internets.

I used size 7 needles and Cotton Jeans yarn in Hemp (yes, that is the color name, don’t ask me how they come up with them).

It is quite cute and it, along with some fun dish soap, will end up being a gift for that perfect person that I haven’t pinpointed yet.  If you have to do dishes, you may as well have a cocktail doing it!  🙂

I was also playing with different patterns on Saturday, and made my chevron swatch into a Chevron dishcloth.  My sister commented that she will need to have little gifts for her students next year for Christmas.  So I am supposed to be working on dishcloths throughout the year.  1 down!

12-28 Chevron Dishcloth


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My Very First Hat

12-29 Koolhaus hat

This is my very first attempt at a hat.  Not bad if I do say so myself!  It is the Koolhaus hat from Holiday IK.  I had leftover Cascade 220 from the wine cozy I made, so thought this was the perfect project.  It just happens to be the same color as the one modeled in the magazine which is just a coincidence.  It is my first time reading a chart which has been interesting.  I had read that you read charts from right to left; then left to right; etc.  But evidently when you read them for knitting in the round they always read from right to left?  Anway that seems to be working for me…granted I am only in the 2nd pattern repeat, but it appears to look right.  I had stalled on this a couple of weeks ago when I realized I had to read a chart AND I had to change needle size.  I finally found my size 8 needles to switch to and have discovered that if I had to read a chart I think this one was a good one to start with.

I also played with some of my new toys today!

12-29 Yarn Swift-Winder 1

My own swift and winder just make me feel so knitterly!  I wound 2 balls of yarn and would have done more, but figured I should actually get down to the business of knitting what I had already wound.  Unbelievably fun Christmas presents!!  I have found that my LYS doesn’t always offer to wind my yarn, and I am not the best about asking (my self-helpy project…actually asking for what I want instead of expecting people to read my mind).  So this eliminates the problem (at least of getting the yarn wound….not my self-helpy issue).

Quite a fun way to spend the day while it continues to flurry here in the Great White North!

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The trip to Iowa was good.  Christmas was good.  And the day after Christmas shopping was a tradition I will never give up!  Still, coming home is always nice…..even if it is to another 3″ of snow which means more shovelling.

today consisted of driving, shovelling, unloading the car, and watching Netflix movies while I knit up a Daiquiri Dishcloth.  I needed some instant gratification and even though it meant a lot of counting…I hadn’t knit for 4 days and I was going through withdrawal!!  🙂  I will post pictures of it this weekend when I can photograph it in some natural light.

There is knitting loot to be discussed and handmade gifts to be ooooh-ed over, but it will have to wait another day until I am well rested and feeling up to the challenge of putting my pleasure and gratitude into words.

It is amazing how you don’t sleep as well when you are not in your own bed.  Then throw in the fact that my parents’ furnace blower motor burned out last night.  Yes, that meant no heat.  I have never before appreciated the fact that my Mom owns 4 heating pads (enough for all of us to use last night).  We were all thankful that the house only dropped down to a balmy 60 degrees, but we were still all ready to hit the road (and our heated cars) this morning.  Dad was getting the part so that they could have heat tonight, but I am still blaming the fact that is only 9:30 and I am ready for bed on our little adventure last night!

One day of work and the weekend is here!!!  Yeah!!!  I love these kind of weeks!!

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Christmas Eve

Growing up Christmas Eve morning was when we had our Christmas.  I never questioned why Santa came to my house on the night of the 23rd instead of the night of the 24th.  I just knew the morning of the 24th we would get up and open presents.  Then we would all pack the car and head to Grandma & Grandpa’s.  The entire extended family (which is quite large) would come and celebrate the evening of Christmas Eve.  We would exchange presents, the adults would play cards, and the kids would play with all of their new toys (and get yelled at frequently for being too loud).  Christmas Day was a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve.  We would go to my other Grandmother’s house which was always quite quiet.  There were no cousins and no aunts and uncles.

Now that I am older my schedule with the family has changed.  Since I am still single I still go home, but the extended family no longer gets together.  When my immediate family celebrates Christmas depends on what my brother-in-law’s family has scheduled.  I still feel the anticipation for Christmas Eve, even though the traditions set long ago are no longer practiced.

Just to show how much things have changed, today is Christmas Eve and I am heading in to work for a couple of hours before heading home to Iowa.  I did, however, get up and shovel….so we are having a white Christmas!!!!

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and safe travels!!

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Wrap Up

12-21 Vintage Velvet blue 5

I felted the lovely Vintage Velvet the first of this week.  It turned out just beautiful if I do say so myself (the very white background above is due to the snow that just won’t stop here this weekend).  The drape, color, and touch made it worth every minute!  Since my sister tends to like long scarves I used 5 1/2 balls instead of the prescribed 5 (I was supposed to use a full 6, but made those darn flowers for my aunt’s tea cozy at Thanksgiving).  I was kind of surprised that it didn’t shrink during felting.  In fact, it grew 1″ in length.

While finishing it I was talking to one of my very good friends who is a single Mom.  We were discussing how her daughter has realized that Santa doesn’t bring presents for Mom.  She does not get gifts from her extended family, so it truly is a giving season for her.  I proceeded to wrap this baby up and sneak it under her tree, as a surprise for her on Christmas morning!  She will truly appreciate the thought, and the fact that I made it since she has not yet been a recipient of my knitting “talent”!

But upon doing that….there was no scarf left for my sister (for whom this was originally intended)!  So I went out on Tuesday over my lunch hour to purchase more Muench Touch Me yarn in a gorgeous deep purple (though it looks kind of blue in the pictures).  So by this morning I had this…..

12-23 Purple unfelted Vintage Velvet

I am very happy that I have gotten it together and will have it done in time!  It is currently felting away!!  It might be a little damp during the car ride tomorrow.  But all should be fine by the time presents are opened!

With all of this knitting this week I have seen a large # of sappy holiday movies (thank you Lifetime & Hallmark).  I think the past year has left me a bit cynical, because I am noticing the cheesey factor more than I am taking to heart the moral to the story.  I have always loved a cheesey happy ending in the past….now it’s more like I tolerate it.  BUT I still must say there is no movie that sets the holiday tone for me better than White Christmas!  If you have never seen it, you have to!  I found it as a 2-pack this week (combined with It’s a Wonderful Life) so I mailed them off to a guy I know that really should expand his classic movie horizons!  🙂  I am sure he will be oozing the cheese factor after watching them!

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When I got home this evening there was a deer in my backyard.  Not all that unusual since I live in a fairly wooded neighborhood, and my neighbor behind me puts food out for them.  But she had left her 2 friends eating in my neighbor’s yard to come over the fence and lay down in mine.  It was just a nice quiet scene with her in the snow and the neighborhood Christmas lights twinkling.  This week needed some quiet and it was a peaceful end to the work week.

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So Close!

The Touch Me Vintage Velvet Scarf is felting as we speak!  Please let it come out looking right!!!!

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