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All Done

My creativity is low today…..but I did finish my Ring of Cables Hat!

01-29 Ring of Cables Hat

I really love hats with pom-poms, and I personally thought this one needed something to finish it off (I need a hat with a bit higher of a profile, so this helps).

It’s cute and it helped clean out my stash (both leftovers from my tea cozies)!  Now on to a sweater!!



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Ring Around the….

I kind of giggle in my head everytime I look at my current project recipe….Ring of Cables Hat makes me want to sing Ring Around the Rosy…or watch Lord of the Rings…it just doesn’t sound like a hat! 

I had a lot going on this weekend (the winter sales were fabulous and sometimes therapy shopping is good for the soul), but I did manage to get a fair amount done on my hat!

01-27 Ring of Cables Hat

I am using up some excess yarn from other projects so decided to make it 2-toned.  I am thinking it might end up with a green pom pom on top to tie it all together!

It is a fairly quick knit.  My biggest challenge was joining the ring of cables with a kitchener stitch.  I found this nice little tutorial video which helped a ton!  I will show the join in better detail when I am done….it’s not perfect, but I was pretty pleased with my first attempt!

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Dishcloth A.A.

I have been MIA for a while.  Just trying to stay warm….hoping to heaven that we can actually stay above zero pretty soon!  Everything is frozen, including my brain!  Why do I live here again?

I moved to MN in September of 1992.  My temping job had turned permanent and they actually offered me an allowance to move with them to Minneapolis….I took it!  It was my first real job out of college, and my office experience was not high.  The company was relocating so there were many co-workers that were also new to the city and that particular office. To help us transition they provided us with mentors.  My mentor was truly my soul sister.  We bonded, laughed a ton, drove everyone crazy with our squirreliness, and I love to say that today I can owe all of my professional success to her awesome training!  We no longer work together, but are still the best of friends. 

The people that know us now that did not work with us then cannot believe that anyone actually let us work together.  Our favorite story is when we organized a conference together in Chicago, got bumped to 1st class flying there (a 1st for both of us and truly awesome!), but stayed out a little late one night and slept through the first session the next day (neither one of us are morning people).  BUT we came through it with smiles and our planning was so thorough no one even missed us!  It sounds better when we tell it in person with tons of LOUD laughing (and eye rolls from her husband)!

She is my non-biological sister and her sister and I have also adopted each other.  The 3 of us are getting together for martini night on Saturday.  Our 1st run at this event was in October, and it was so successful we are doing it again!  We watched Dreamgirls in October with the close captioning on (we couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, we blamed it on a malfunctioning DVD)…we decided this might be best for us in the future so when we talk louder than the tv we can still read the dialogue!  🙂  But that is totally beside the point.  I felt I needed to  make some contribution to the evening (besides the vodka), so decided I would provide the bar “rag” for the evening.

01-24 Martini Dishcloth

White is boring, but is the color of all bar rags (and I had it in my stash).  This pattern was quick and fun (and best of all free, thanks to bavgirl).  I had seen other martini dishcloths, but I liked this one with the olive pik best!  Upon loading this onto Ravelry I realized that the last dishcloth I did was a daiquiri….I might need a 12 step program soon!

To dry out from my lushy dishcloths, I am going to cast on for the Ring of Cables hat tonight.  These smaller projects are about all that my brain can handle these days!

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I had promised to share some of the handmade love I received at Christmas, and had kind of forgotten.  But these have been sitting on my kitchen counter just waiting to be admired by others….

01-11 Tea Bag Holders

These lovely glass tea bag holders were handmade by my very own sister.  She has made me several gorgeous pairs of earrings, but I had no idea she could do this!

My other crazy obsession besides knitting is Nancy Drew.  I have more Nancy Drew books and paraphernalia than most people would ever even want to know about (but not as much as what I have seen some people display online!)!  I loved the books as a child.  The mystery lover in me started early, and Nancy, George, Bess, and Ned Nickerson could do anything!  But I really loved the idea of getting all 50 books.  They were all numbered and would look all matched and perfect on the bookshelf (obviously early signs of my OC without the D issue).  I did not even come close to owning the whole set as a kid.  Money wasn’t thrown around freely when I was growing up, and Mom whole-heartedly believed in the library.  So I didn’t own them, but, yes, I read them!  And now that I’m grown….I own them! 

My sister teases me since she is older and saw all of my craziness as a kid, and continues to see how it affects my craziness as an adult.  But she feeds right into by making me things like this one of a kind, very fun bag….

01-05 Nancy Drew Bag 1

And the other side….

01-05 nancy drew bag 2

Yes, she transferred bookcover artwork onto fabric and appliqued it onto the bag for me!  Nancy Drew has been being published since the 1930’s so obviously her look (and her bookcover look) has changed over the years.  It’s the perfect way to show the same book in different periods.  It was quite honestly one of the most thoughtful and creative presents I have received in a long time.

Once again, I am very lucky and Christmas was very good.

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I get home from Knitting Night this evening to find a FedEx envelope in my door!  Oooooh!  I didn’t order anything…what could it be?

It would be a letter from the fine car company from whom I purchased my vehicle, telling me that the car that I have been driving for the past 2 years is not equipped with the anti-lock brakes that the sticker and dealership told me it had. 

Since your vehicle does NOT have anti-lock brakes…. 

“…you should apply the brakes as firmly as required by the driving situation, but take care not to lock them.”

We suggest you read pages 5-18 to 5-23 of the Owners Manual which contains important braking precautions that do apply to your vehicle.

I am guessing someone somewhere (thank heaven not here) had a big ol’ accident, and all of the sudden the car company realized they did not put anti-lock brakes on this model like they had been telling everyone.  The car is in fact “not designed to be equipped with anti-lock brakes”.

So I will now need to call between the hours of 9 AM & 4 PM CST Mon-Fri with any questions.

I should have known nothing good would come spontaneously in a FedEx envelope, you need a FedEx box for the good stuff!!  🙂

Please drive safely, and apply your brakes only as firmly as required by all driving situations!

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For the past 6 years I have went on vacation every March to Disney World.  This is the 1st time in 6 years that my vacation has not been pre-planned!!  I have so many options as to where I can go….when I can go…..what I can do when I go!!!

I had been talking with my girlfriends about a beach vacation.  I have never been on one.  In fact, the last time I planned to go on one with girlfriends, I totaled my car and had to stay home due to my lack of funds!  They very generously brought me this:

01-08 Bahamas Shark

 What says the Bahamas better than a shark holding my pot scrubber!  I still think of those girls often and am sorry I didn’t put myself into a little more debt at the time and go with them.

My girlfriends now  are having scheduling and funding problems.  So it looks like I am on my own!  I have never taken a lengthy vacation all by myself and must say I am looking forward to it.  I am not thinking a beach vacation now, because I am afraid I would get a little bored with my own company (remember I live by myself in my real life too).  7 days with nothing but sun….I would be a lobster!

So I am thinking a road trip!  I am still determining the place, but while lurking in blogdom I ran across this great idea!!  I can do touristy things, stay in hotels by myself (which is very fun for me), AND find the nearest yarn stores with the help of a Global Positioning System!!!  Seriously, I think I have found the best vacation for me this year!  Let the planning begin!!!!!  I’ve checked into airfare, hotels, and rental cars.  So today I was quizzing our tech guy at work about GPS gadgets.  I will let you know what I decide.


While quizzing the tech guy on GPS gadgets I found it funny that the voice on those systems are female.  Is it because we (being the female gender) like to know where we are going instead of just “finding it eventually”!  He (the tech guy) kept talking about how the lady would tell him to turn here, etc.  His daughter now insists every time he gets in the car the he turn “the lady” on because otherwise he won’t know where he is going.  Cracks me up!

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01-05 Tea cozy

These are the 2 things I spent a good part of the day with….my latest tea cozy (knit in the round, and starting to take shape quite nicely) and Season 1 & 2 of Nero Wolfe.  I had caught several epsiodes when it was on a few years ago, and loved it!  The clothes and sets are very cool.  And the colors that they use are aesthetically pleasing and can make a scene pull together, or be used to set something apart to make it really be a focus.  The box above is a perfect example of cool colors for costumes…the men’s ties and the womens’ dress colors are just amazing!.  The glamour and style (in manners and clothing) of a different era is used quite well.

I have read a couple of the Nero Wolfe books, but really enjoyed this tv version.  Timothy Hutton (as Archie) is just cute.  So combine that with intelligent dialogue, a great cast, & beautiful costumes, and I’m a fan.  I have loved private detective shows since I was a kid (I am of the era of Charlie’s Angels, Magnum, Starsky & Hutch, Fall Guy) and this one leans a little more to the Matlock and Perry Mason style…I love it.  Mr. Wolfe is the brain behind the investigation and refuses to leave his quite beautiful house for business purposes.  Thus making it necessary for Archie to serve as the muscle, and get the potential bad guys to the office where they, of course, are caught!  I’ve greatly over-simplified it, but it is truly delivered in an interesting and intelligent way, AND in the coolest clothes.

It was the perfect partner for an afternoon of knitting!

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