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Wrong Time

I have often been accused of being “born in the wrong time”,  or “older than my years”  I personally think the 1st one sounds more flattering than the 2nd.  I love old clothes, old movies, old glamour, old manners, old furniture.  (If I was a little more current all of the before mentioned items would be vintage, not old!  Vintage is much more chic!)  Now if I could only find a modern day Cary Grant!!  🙂

And now to help reinforce this idea, I took a test that gave me these results (I’m not so sure I totally agree with the description, but the concept is cute):

You Belong in 1953

You’re fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

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Heat Wave

We have been having a virtual heat wave here for the past few days (30 degrees for 3 days in a row….YAY!!)….so a little touch of spring for my family room…..

02-25 Tulips

I must say tulips are my absolute favorite flower.  They are still a little droopy from the trip home, but should perk up by tomorrow!

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Savings Plan

This makes me laugh…..

02-21 Bank

It is a bank….

02-21 Bank

And for the fine print….

02-21 Bank cropped


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The first thing I was asked to do when I got to work this morning was to figure out how to call a certain wine shop in France.  Not at all related to what I normally do at work, but one of those things that just needed to be done.  Well, when it comes to phone skills…I have them (luckily I no longer have the outrageous phone bills to prove it!).  I once dated a guy who spent a year teaching English in Japan (enter large phone bill again), so even my international dialling phone skills were up to this task.  Number dialed, phone ringing, and I get a recording telling me who knows what in French….I did understand “Merci” at the end (I will confess I tried dialling it again hoping that I could at least get a couple of other words to figure out what I had done wrong…no dice)! 

I am one of those Americans who is unbelievably grateful that a lot of people in the world that don’t need to speak English know how to speak English, because even after 3 years of German in high school, I am not in the least bit bilingual  (not a fact I am proud of, but still a fact).

I then decided I would just wait 1/2 hour and try again.  After all, since I didn’t know what the problem was it couldn’t hurt!  And just like when the Help Desk tells you to just reboot your computer because they can’t figure out what you have done wrong…it worked!  The phone rang and some nice man answered….in French (I shouldn’t have been surprised, because he is in FRANCE!).  This is where all of the sudden I get nervous and I know why they have pawned this job off on me….language barrier….dumb American!  The man hears my unmistakable lack of Frenchness and switches to English (have I mentioned how appreciative I am to everyone that has learned English as a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) language??).  He kindly hands me over to the nicest man who helps me get accomplished what I need to get done.  He was so sweet and honestly made my day.  And I don’t care if it is 2008, I still think it is so cool to think of him doing his thing in France (in the afternoon) while I am starting my morning here in VERY COLD Minnesota!

I was thinking about this little encounter as I was driving home tonight and realized the same little warm fuzzy that I got from talking to my sweet French man is also why I enjoy the knit blog world.  I’ve “met” the nicest people from all corners of the US and even the UK.  (And there are some sites I visit just for the beautiful pictures and projects, because you know I am not bilingual!)  It just makes me happy that there are people out there sharing the same interests as me, or those that are way more interesting than me that are willing to share their experiences.  All of whom I wouldn’t even know existed if it wasn’t for the blog world.  All of you that share you insights inspire me to want to do more and see more in my life!  It’s fun to be part of something that can provoke warm fuzzies for me at unexpected moments.

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The Making of a Scarf

This past week I purchased some fun Malabrigo Merino Wool.

02-10 New Yarn

I wound my gorgeous pile of wool into the cutest cakes (I love cakes of yarn!).

02-07 Malabrigo Yarn

This was all in preparation to go to the 2008 Knit Out at the Mall of America.  I needed a portable project and decided I would make up My So Called Scarf.  I cast on Friday night so I could learn the pattern and be prepared for our adventure on Saturday.  I love the  herringbone pattern, but didn’t realize that it is a one-sided stitch pattern.  I prefer reversible scarves, so ripped it out and started your basic diagonal garter stitch scarf.  If I would have been thinking I would have photographed both of these, but since I was not really focused on blogging this little part of my adventure you will have to use your imagination.

I set out with 2 good friends Saturday morning for our Knit Out!  We were all very excited…had our projects and one of us (not me) was all set for the speed knitting competition at 2 PM.  Other than that we were just open to whatever we saw….which as we came to find out was not much.  There were several booths setup, but people seemed to be there more for the free giveaways (which were really unimpressive and I usually heart free things!) rather than new information, new projects, or new fibers.  The only fibers that were represented were rather low end and the lines to get to those were unbelievable!!!  I will confess we did not sit in on any of the clinics which might have made the day salvageable, but honestly the noise level and atmosphere of the venue was not condusive to learning new techniques in a clinic.  We did sit and knit for about an hour (I think this was officially my first knitting in public experience) and had several nice people stop with comments about our knitting.  It is an activity that seems to bring out the good in people.  They have either done it themselves, or had a loved one that did so you have just brought back good memories for them.  We had gotten there a little before 10 AM and left by noon (a little over an hour of that was spent on a bench knitting)….we decided it was not worth it to stay for the speed knitting competition.

Since we hadn’t really gotten our knitting need filled, we set out to find Bella Lana.  I had found it a couple of weeks ago and drove around the block(s) for about 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot and finally left (realized afterwards that there was a convention which was messing up parking).  Bella Lana is beautiful!  And the yarn is equally as beautiful!  I bought some gorgeous silk to make a shawl….I can’t wait!

I got home yesterday afternoon and decided that my diagonal garter stitch scarf looked more like an oversized pot holder….so ripped it out!  Obviously I didn’t need a portable project any longer and should have went back to working on my sweater…..but I was obsessed!  I did a little bit of searching on Ravelry and didn’t find anything that I felt was the perfect match for the yarn.  I finally decided to do another Vintage Velvet Scarf….this one will be for me.  I tapered the end because I am planning big ol’ pom poms!  I do really like the way this is coming out…it has a more casual feel than the one (or two) that I made out of the Touch Me.

02-07 Malabrigo Scarf

I just can’t seem to stop with the cables!  🙂

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Frozen Tundra

It has been very cold and very windy here in the great White North.  This morning my newspaper was left in the driveway….

02-10 Driveway

It stayed there until about 3 PM this afternoon.  It was VERY cold and I didn’t venture out to even go to Church, let alone pick up the paper!  I am ready for 40 degrees again!

I did, however, have warm and cozy things inside!

02-10 New Yarn

I got 3 balls of Malabrigo merino wool in Azul Bolita.  The picture doesn’t do it justice since it is a much deeper blue, and it makes me happy just looking at it….I have decided I am a color junkie! 

I picked these up on Friday so that I could have a portable project.  I am headed to the Knit Out & Crochet 2008 at the Mall of America on Saturday.  T & I were planning on going and then her friend decided to fly in from out of town and join us!  T told me that we were going to a knitting event and I would need to bring knitting!  So a scarf or hat seems easier to lug around than a sweater!

And finally, speaking of sweaters…..the progress continues!

02-10 Moira Progress

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I went to the yarn store today to find yarn for Thermal


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