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I Surrender

I “surrendered” my car today.  Doesn’t it sound like I have been holding it hostage for the past 2 years??  Nissan used this terminology when informing me of my brake “issue”…I am only repeating it.  I am very sad to see it go.  This was the 4th car that I have personally picked out and paid for, and it has been my favorite by far. 

During the surrendering process I found out that there are 799 other people across the country going through the same thing as me.  I definitely would not want to have been the guy who was in charge of the production line that spewed out 800 cars without the anti-lock brakes they were supposed to have.  The even more interesting part is that my car will now be shipped off to the West coast where, evidently, they don’t care about safety in their braking process. 

In the next couple of weeks if you buy a black Altima at a car auction in California….it could be mine.  Please love it as much as I have!!


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What’s this??

Hmmmm.  It does not look like a little boy’s striped sweater….nope….definitely not.  I am weak and easily distracted!!  My pretty yarn from Pennsylvania was sitting there staring at me all dejected-like.  So, yes, I HAD to cast on for Cinxia.  It’s cotton…soft…with a lovely sheen…yep, had to cast on!  I don’t care if that twisted stockinette makes my hands cramp, and is unbelievably slow….it is sooo worth it!

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My kid’s sweater has turned into quite a learning process!  I started to knit the front and back together, but didn’t account for the fact that the pattern does not have armholes that are bound off….so deciding where to split the side seams was beyond my skill.  So it was frogged and started over in pieces as the recipe directed.

Front and back are completed.

I was very pleased with the stockinette seaming that I tried (Thank you, Sally Melville!).

It looks seamless!!  YAY!!

The unfortunate part has been the neck.  I have tried picking up stitches and knitting the ribbed neck twice and I have still not been pleased with the results.  So it have torn it out again, and will let it have a little time out while I work on the sleeves.  I am so glad this is a small scale project so I can rip things out and not discouraged!


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Signs of Spring

My spring bulbs are popping up….

And knitting frogs are appearing…..

I knew I should have thought through knitting the front and back at the same time.  I kind of forgot armholes and as I was frogging back to put them in I realized it was slightly bigger than the child I have in mind anyway, so I may as well get it right and start over.  I will be doing all of the pieces separate like the pattern suggested!!

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I watched Tuesdays with Morrie last night.  Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if we all lived as if it was our last day.  I realize some people would be fatalistic and low about it, but I would like to think I would make the most of it.  With that in mind I e-mailed a friend this morning.  A long time ago he and I were very close, but we have not spoken in ages.  It’s his birthday and I wanted him to know I was thinking about him.  Not because I think our friendship will resume…we made choices which removed the trust you need in a friendship…but he will always be a dear person to me, we grew up together and I know and respect his family.  He left a large footprint in my life and there are times I wish we could get past the disagreements…..maybe if we knew it was our last day.

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I am back from my long weekend adventure to the East Coast!  I didn’t get to see the ocean this time, but there was lots of yarn and great company!  Some girls and I got together to do a yarn crawl through Amish Country in Pennsylvania.  We loaded up into the RV and headed out for a day of knitting, yarn shopping, and fun!

I must say one of the most interesting things for me was the names of the towns!  We started off at Labadie Looms in Bird-in-Hand, PA.  It was probably the best stop of the day simply because it had a large selection of locally spun and hand-dyed yarns.  The lady working was so nice and really wanted to take off and come with us!

We then hit the Farmer’s Market in Bird-in-Hand for breakfast.  Our lovely “tour guide” gave us 1/2 hour to catch the local flavor before heading off to Intercourse (yes, we were 11 and laughed everytime we said it out loud).  Unfortunately the small shop there had closed, so we toodled off to Lancaster to visit Kitnit.  We referred to this stop as the “helpful lady” when we couldn’t remember the name.  The shopkeeper was quite knowledgable and so happy to help us find anything we were looking for…and find things we did!

While in Lancaster we also hit Oh Susanna.  I don’t think anyone could have possibly described this particular store to me….meaning, you had to see it to believe it.  An older house where the first floor is PACKED with yarn.  There is simply a narrow path going from room to room.  We decided it could be described as a stash gone crazy.  There is a large selection, but it is literally screaming for organization.  This one could be summarized as “extremely overwhelming”.

Our coziest stop was at Wool Gathering in Kennett Square, PA.  The owner was knitting with a group at the table.  There are times when I walk into a store with a group of women knitting and feel like I am intruding on “their time”.  Not these ladies.  The entire group was comfortably friendly.  More than happy to answer questions, but also let you shop while feeling you were included in their social time.  They are hosting the 1,000 Knitters photo shoot next weekend, and I am so sorry we missed it by 1 week!

Our final stop was at A Garden of Yarn in Chadds Ford, PA. Unfortunately we had had a long day, and they didn’t wait for us….

We will try and get there earlier next year!

There was not only shopping on this trip.  There was also knitting….

This is the beginning of a child’s Easy Striped Cardigan.  I am modifying it a bit by knitting the front and back as one to try and cut down on my seaming.  Hopefully I can handle converting the binding off for the armholes without any major confusion!  I had picked up this yarn and free pattern at Michael’s ages ago.  Since I am having trouble focusing on finishing adult sweaters, I decided to tackle a smaller one.  The recipient is still a little up in the air, but I know 2 little boys that are good candidates.


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There has been lots going on around here, and progress has been made on Moira….

The photo color is bad because of the lack of sunlight we have been having, but, yes, the back is done!  I am taking off for a knittin’ weekend with friends and will cast on for the sleeves!

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