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A while ago I cast on a new sweater with the yarn I purchased out East.  It has been put on the back burner and no mention has been made of it.  I finally got it together (mentally) and have been working on it again.  Upon picking it up again I realized that it is the perfect spring project…being spring green and all.

The twisted stockinette is enough to leave war wounds on my hands (should you get callusses on your fingers from holding the needles so tight?), and makes my thumbs cramp.  But, dang, the result is kind of cool!

Progress has been made.  The body is done up to the armholes, and 1/2 a sleeve has sprouted up (though the picture below doesn’t reflect all of my sleeve work).

What project is complete without some type of mental shutdown on  my part?  I was breezily working on the sleeve increasing 2 stitches in each round for 8 rounds.  I was getting this weird bump that I was pretty sure any amount of blocking was not going to make go away. 

“That seems odd, maybe my increase method is not right.” 

“No, that doesn’t seem to be the problem.”

Yes, I should have read and re-read the pattern.  Because it said:

“Work 7 rounds in Twisted Stockinette Stitch.
Next Round: K1, m1, k to last st, m1, k1
Repeat these 8 rounds 1 time more. 71 sts.”

That does not mean repeat the “Next Round” line 8 times!!!  It means work 7 rounds of twisted stockinette AND increase in the 8th row…AND ONLY THE 8TH ROW!  The 71 stitches should have been my 1st clue….since that is only 4 more than what I started with.  You know, the excitement of the project sometimes gets away from me, and directions be damned! 

Yeah, then if you are me…..you frog.

But prior to doing that you go play in the dirt to give yourself a mental break.

Not only do I have spring flowers in my yard.  I decided I wanted to grow produce this year.  I bought 2 tomato plants from a little girl that I know whose school was doing a fundraiser.  Um, yeah.  2 plants was really 2 4-packs….8 plants.  And prior to getting them delivered (and realizing my lack of reading retention…noticing a pattern in this post?) I had purchased another tomato plant at another fundraiser.  3 wouldn’t have been bad…but 9?

So for now the 8 small plants are in 2 pots.  Yes, I realize the pots will not be big enough if they all live, and that I am going to have tomatoes running out of my ears.  But I am sure there are all kinds of interesting things I can make with tomatoes!!


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May Flowers

Could it be?????

Spring has arrived in MN!  yes, it is not exactly warm yet…but the flowers are blooming and I’ve had to mow 3 times!  I mention mowing now with an exclamation point (which I use VERY frequently), but give it another month and I will be wishing there was a nice neighbor kid to pay to do it for me.  Is it just me or do kids not do such menial things as mowing now? 

I have 2 graduations to attend this spring and neither of the grads have every even held a part-time job.  Definitely not how I grew up.  Walking beans (for city-folk, it’s kind of like weeding a field of beans..it’s not walking them like a dog…yes, I have had to explain this to people I have worked with in the past), detassling corn, waitressing, babysitting…anything that meant a little spending money for school clothes (because a girl had to have her fashion and mom wasn’t funding that habit) and was fairly flexible around whatever sport was in season.  What will these 2 have to say on their first real job interview when asked for work experience?

In addition to yard work there has also been knitting….update coming soon.

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This past weekend was Mother’s Day, and I headed down to Iowa.  The drive down has been vastly improved over the past few years since Iowa has made the road that I use 4-lane.  I *heart* 4-lane roads!  Until you drive 4 hours on a 2-lane road, you forget how annoying it is to not be able to pass, AND to have to do 55 mph!

One of my favorite parts of the drive is heading down into the Minnesota River Valley.  It’s gorgeous and the trees are just now starting to come to life.  So everything has a green twinge to it.  But the one thing that makes me smile no matter how many times I see it is…

You round a curve to start your descent into the valley, and there are the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout standing huge on top of the hill!  It takes me back to tv commercials when I was little that I enjoyed almost as much as the shows we watched….I definitely remember the commercials and their jingles better than the shows!

So if you headed down to Le Sueur, MN, from the Twin Cities, make sure and watch for them!

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