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It’s been a busy week.  I finished it last night by going to Mystic Lake with A to see…..

Hmmmm.  Who is he?

Yep, we went and saw Rick Springfield.  It was a fun show.  I realized I was evidently not a big fan in the 80’s because the beginning of the show was a bit slow for me…’cause I didn’t know many of the songs.  I did, however, remember watching him as Dr. Drake on General Hospital, so appreciated the pictures and comments regarding that.

He spent a large part of the 2nd half of the show doing this….

At first his walking on the chairs in the crowd was fun.  However, he is getting older and we began to wonder if he was going to hurt himself.  He thanked the people around him several times for balancing him.  And it slowed the pace of the show down a lot since he did it a lot and obviously cannot sing while doing it.

It was, however, a fun show and a fun night.  I haven’t been to a casino in  years and we played the slots a bit before we left….I came out $40 ahead!!  YAY!  The security guard did not appreciate us trying to document our outing by the backlit sign (which obviously was causing us many camera issues since you can’t really see A), but we did it anyway.

Earlier in the week I had family here.  We hit many of the highlights in town.

Whenever I see pictures of Minneapolis, the Cherry and the Spoon sculpture usually is one of them.  I do forget that it is a fountain too.  The sculpture garden has many other interesting things, even if we can’t always figure them out.  The Cherry and Spoon is my favorite and is celebrating it’s 20 year birthday this year.

In St Paul we have many cool sculptures of the Peanuts gang.  The Detention Center was our “fun” picture for the parents that were not along.

And, finally Minnehaha Falls.  I love waterfalls and it is such a beautiful park along with being a really nice waterfall right here in town.

After all of the activity this week I have had a very quiet Saturday and made really good progress on the baby blanket.  This is what summer is all about!


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