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What is this?  I realize that I need more yarn (or another scarf) like I need a hole in my head.  But between the mowing, knitting, and general laziness this weekend I went and checked out a yarn shop that I have been meaning to find for quite a while.  I “needed” longer size 7 circular needles to finish one of my many WIP’s…so that is all the excuse I needed to venture to a new area in search of new treasures.  I left Needlework Unlimited with enough of these to do yet another Vintage Velvet scarf and, of course, my needles (at least in my excitement I didn’t forget what I originally went there for).

I made 2 of these scarves for Christmas presents last year and absolutely loved them.  I wanted to do one for myself in red, but at the time I could not find the yarn anywhere except online.  So when I ran across these today, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t pick them up (after all Christmas is only 6 months away, and is it not the perfect Christmas red??).  And I must say NU was a very nice yarn store.  Lots of variety and very friendly staff.  I will most definitely be going back there for some of their gorgeous cotton and bamboo.

In addition to my stash growth, both of my Netflix movies (The Jane Austen Book Club & Agatha Christie’s A Carribean Mystery) had knitting in them this weekend.  It was meant to be a knitting weekend!


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