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Who knew…

Last Sunday 2 of my girlfriends wanted to go see Sex in the City.  I think I’ve already established that I love movies.  So even though I had never seen a full episode of the show while on tv (no, I don’t have HBO, and have also seemed to miss it on reruns), I was totally game to go.

We spent a beautiful afternoon (which has been rare here) inside with at least 80 other women and 2 men (not exagerating there….we figured they were hoping to get “sex in the city” upon returning home) watching what I found to be a very funny movie.  It might help that I am getting closer to that 4-0 mark, so some of the issues hit close to home.  This is definitely not a kid movie, but I’m not a kid, so we’re ok.  The whole experience felt kind of like a slumber party, with some of the girls dressed to the nines instead of pj’s.  It was the perfect afternoon with girlfriends.

So tonight I got together with 2 other girlfriends for dinner and a movie as is our custom to commemorate birthdays (one of theirs not mine).  We debated on seeing Made of Honor, but could only find it in 1 theater.  Then there was Indiana Jones, not the typical chick flick that we normally do, but it is Harrison Ford for Pete’s Sake!  I know he’s past his prime, blah, blah, blah….it’s Harrison Ford!  But the birthday girl in question really wanted to see Sex in the City.  So not being one to rain on anyone’s parade, I went for a 2nd time. 

It was still funny and I don’t mind seeing a movie twice, but the interesting part was this time the number of men in the audience was much higher.  It honestly changed the experience for me.  The 1st time was all about girls…girls on the screen…the shoes….girls in the theater….the bags….basic girl bonding.  This time you would hear guys chuckling when there didn’t appear to be another woman in the place laughing, and there wasn’t the twitter of 80 women talking and giggling during the previews and going dead quiet when the theme song started.  I am glad that there are guys out there that can appreciate and enjoy a woman-focused plot, but for me this wasn’t a date movie…it’s a girlfriend movie.  So the 2nd time was good, but I will still hold the 1st experience as a movie-going highlight for me.

I should note that I might be slightly bitter towards men right now.  I think I may have had too many of my girlfriends become distant when getting involved with their men, and I get tired of girls night turning into the girls and “Mike”.  In the past 18 months the men in my life have dented my self-esteem a bit.  And every once in a while something pops up to twist the knife just a bit, and that has been the case this week.

Give me an hour or so of knitting and I will be back in my happy place!


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I have been knitting, but it is getting nice out (though it is still chilly here for June), and I am not getting as much needle time as usual.  So to keep me in the mood, I am READING about knitting!

No, not even anything useful, like a pattern book.  Just a light knitting mystery.  This is Maggie Sefton’s 5th knitting mystery, and I must say I enjoy them.  I am not a literary snob, and for the most part enjoy any mystery.  I just read and really enjoyed Shadow of the Wind, but it is meant to be more thought provoking (and had no knitting involved).  This one is just fun, with detailed tangents into the look and feel of beautiful yarn.  (I just had a thought…this could be the Harlequin romance for knitters….true yarn porn written out!)  The characters are fun and interesting.  It’s like having my own knitting group in my house.  AND did you notice how I stuck in my Cinxia sleeve progress!  Yes, there has been some knitting going on.

Then I stumbled across this quite interesting magazine, Wild Fibers.

I have not had time to read it all yet (I just got it on Tuesday), but it is very interesting.  I love to look at pattern and idea magazines, but honestly, I have so many things in my queue now that I don’t even want to be tempted by more.  This had a bit more of an learning slant for me rather than creative.  Learning about the process and where fibers come from will fill my educational urge for the moment.  The cashier at the book store laughed when she saw it….”it looks like he has a perm, what is it?”  I am pretty sure she was going to thumb through a copy after I left.  Also, what is that in the background? Could I actually be blocking the 1st sweater I ever worked on and mostly finished over a year ago?  Will I actually attempt seaming and FINISH something?  Stay tuned!

But in the meantime, I watched Four Brothers (Mark Wahlberg is a fine looking man and the movie was pretty good too) the other night and Fionnula Flanagan was knitting at the end.  It’s my little fun to watch for knitting in the movies!

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