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Celtic Project

I found out that Knit Wits in Chanhassen is going out of business.  So in my quest for more yarn (since I just don’t have enough), I went over at lunch (since their closing hours are only until 4 PM) and found myself some fibery goodness…on SALE!

When perusing my IK I saw the Celtic Tote Project which caught my fancy.  Even with my love of handbags, I have never had the urge to own a knitted bag.  I did, however, really like the knot design on this one.

So I purchased some Tahki Donegal Tweed to make it.  I did forget to pick up the contrasting yarn, so I may have to head back over today to take another peek!

However, in the excitement of 30-40% off I did have to make a couple of impulse buys.

It was Tilli Tomas silk on SALE!  Yeah, I couldn’t resist.  The feel of silk sucks me in every time.

But the cream Ultra Alpaca was very practical!  🙂  Won’t it make a gorgeous sweater!


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A little over a year ago one of my girlfriend’s and I started picking up little souvenir license plate key rings/zipper pulls whenever we went somewhere.  It reminded us of when we were kids and we had the license plates on the back of our bikes with our names on them.  It was also a good solution for me because I was getting way too many t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, etc.  I couldn’t stick with one kind of souvenir to “collect” and honestly don’t need many things with a state or city emblazoned across them.  This was the perfect solution! Small, under $5, and fun.

After a few trips my key ring started to resemble a gawdy, heavy, noisy, and annoying thing that was too big for some of my small bags.  So how do you repurpose such cute little memories??  Stitch markers of course!  It gives me something to hunt for on vacation (because I really do love a good shopping hunt), and makes me smile everytime I use them.

As you can see, I don’t have all that many (it’s only been about 18 months).  And I can’t always find my name.   But they are fun.  And as I do with anything that I really like, I get excited and tell all of my friends of my new excitement (most of the fun is in the sharing!).

I go to lunch almost every day with one of my coworkers.  He is one of those unusual guys that can listen to me chatter about just about anything and still goes to lunch with me every day!  He and his wife just went on an Alaska Cruise with her family last week and they had a blast.  When he came in today I jokingly asked what he had brought me….and what does he come up with…

I was so happy!  He actually does listen when I ramble about crazy inane things!  It was a small surprise that makes me very happy to have good friends that encourage and support my odd little habits.

On the knitting front I have taken my first steps toward blocking.  OK, I actually attempted it, but I have been afraid to unpin it yet to see if it worked.

I finished the Pie Wedge Shawl back in April, but have been putting off blocking it, because I had no idea what I was doing.  Finally on Sunday I just got the whole thing wet and laid it out and started pinning it.  When I started one side (the side I had cast on) was much longer than my cast off side.  I was assuming this was because my cast off was not as loose as my cast on.

I had no idea blocking would fix this!  It was crazy!  In pulling the thing so that each pie wedge edge (say that 3 times fast) was straight it became symmetrical again!  Sometimes the whole knitting process is just a wonder to me.  So it is now dry and I will probably unpin it later tonight, and see if I can do some self photos with the finished product. 

Have I mentioned recently how much I love silk?  This thing feels like a dream and I can’t wait to work on another silk project.

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I have been faithfully working on Cinxia.  Then, horror of horrors, I ran out of yarn!  Yes, I am 3-4″ from finishing her up and there is no more green cotton left! 

Now remember this is the yarn I purchased on my great yarn adventure in Pennsylvania so I can’t just run over and pick some more up.  I call several of my LYS, and they have never even heard of Mirasol cotton.  I then e-mail the store that I purchased it from in PA, explain my predicament, and ask if they have 1 or 2 hanks left that I can purchase long distance.  In 2 days they still had not responded and I figure my odds are low that they will still have any left anyway.  I check on Ebay and find someone selling some of my green gold, it is from a different dyelot, but I am almost ready to risk it at this point.  Finally yesterday morning I figure out what I should have done in the 1st place.  I checked the Mirasol website and found the list of shops that carry their yarn here in MN.

The 1st store on the list was 3 Kittens Needle Arts.  I call, they carry the cotton yarn, and the lady very nicely puts me on hold to see if they have it in green.  They do!  I don’t even ask what dyelot it is, I am so excited!  I head off to South St Paul to check it out!

These 2 fine hanks of yarn came home with me and I will have Cinxia finished soon!!  Can you even believe that they were the same dyelot as what I bought in April!  I was beyond thrilled and it was totally worth the 1/2 hour drive!  The store itself was very nice.  They are getting ready to relocate soon, but not too far from where they are located now.  The ladies were friendly and obviously helpful (people calling in with requests can be a hassle).  I will definitely check out their new store because they had some really nice silk/merino wool blends that I would like to try.

In my last post I was all a twitter about my tomatoes.  You would think by now I would be picking and eating some of my 14 gifts from nature.  Uh, no.  Nature (namely squirrels I have decided) has been taking her gifts back!!  Of the 14 tomatoes that were on my plant 10 days ago I have 1 left on the vine and this one which my scavengers dropped.

As excited as I was on my yarn find above….I was about that far the other direction in my disappointment of losing my crop of vegetables!  In the meantime my beefy tomatoes have started coming on, but the romas seems to be the only thing my backyard critters are interested in so far.  I have sprayed them all with Invisible Fence, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.  They have knocked over 2 of my pots…..I assume while they are trying to climb them to steal their dinner.  If anyone has any ideas about discouraging them I would love to know!

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Remember the tomatoes?

I have 14 on 1 plant!!  The other 8 are starting out a little slower with about 4 each.  I love having produce!

Remember Cinxia (there’s a hint of her in my header picture these days)?

Good heavens, can you believe it’s starting to look like a sweater??  She clashes horribly with the couch, but look….she has sleeves!!

And finally, I think my favorite item of clothing in the entire world is pajamas.  And as a treat to myself, I got me some pink flamingos.

There is something about pink flamingos that is gorgeously tacky.  I will, someday, be the ultimate in tacky and have a couple in my flower bed.  In the meantime, so as not to devalue the neighborhood, I will just wear them in the house….but with a big ol’ smile on my face!

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It is a gorgeous day here and I will spend most of it on my deck with Katherine Hepburn.  Her book is written like she is sitting next to you telling stories.  I am truly enjoying it!

Have a safe holiday!

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