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Fall feels like it is right around the corner here in the great white north.  I have stopped wearing cute summer skirts and have broke out the slacks for work.  The nights are very cool and I think I shut the air conditioner off almost 3 weeks ago. 

Fall is probably my favorite season.  I always laugh at the beginning of You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks talks abouting loving fall and  sending a bouquet of pencils because of it.  It’s true!  I don’t get back to school clothes, school supplies, or any of that, but it is firmly ingrained in my feeling of fall.  In addition, I feel like I should go to some kind of outdoor football game and attend a bonfire in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.

This cooler weather also reminds me of all of the projects that I wanted to get done this summer that I have not.  Yes, this is the nasty adult side of me coming out that has responsibility way in front of fun!  So last weekend I started refinishing my dining room table.  It has needed it since I bought it 2 years ago at Oronoco’s Gold Rush Days.

I stripped it (I mentioned to a guy at work that I was stripping in the garage and we both a got a good laugh out of it!).  Then stained it this past week after work.

Now this weekend I need to get the thing Polyurethaned.  I am also heading to the outlet mall today with a friend, so that I don’t feel like the entire weekend it work (some of that fall shopping and all)!

These past few weeks have also been full with a friend of mine.  She had a baby on Thursday.

He is totally precious!  I do love babies, and usually think they are just cute because they are babies.  But I saw this little guy less than 12 hours after he was born and he’s not red and blotchy or anything!  Perfect!

Then there was Knittin’ Nite on Thursday also.  T has just gotten back from a road trip with a friend of 30 years.  There was knitting to be shown off that she got done/started, pictures to be admired, yarn to be drooled over, and, of course, the awesome souvenir license plate/stitch marker she brought me!

I can be silly.  I really hadn’t thought a lot about it, but must have assumed it would only be something that you can get in the US.  Since the 1st words out of my mouth were…”well, I guess they do have license plates up there too, huh?”  Yeah, there are times it’s readily apparent why I should think before I speak!  Once again, so happy that she thought of me!!

And while time and life are marching on with me trying to keep pace I have also been knitting.

The color block blanket is almost done.  I just need to finish the edging.  Then it will be gifted to the cute little guy pictured above!


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(Beware there are a lot of exclamation points and all CAPS in this post.)

I had been faithfully working on Moira….

(I apologize for the poor color & quality, it is dark and it’s the best I could do.)

But then Ravelympics started.  That meant I HAD to start and finish the Celtic Tote.

Upon completion I was rather frazzled (deadlines and all).  So I wanted something less complicated than Moira.  The weather has gotten cooler (read: fall-like) and with Christmas right around the corner, I NEED my red Vintage Velvet Scarf!  My sister moved and needed help painting the inside of the new house over Labor Day.  So I started my pretty red scarf in the evenings while I was there.  It’s portable, takes less concentration than Moira, and did I mention Christmas is coming!!!

THEN while taking a break from my painting duties, I HAD to visit a LYS.  Both my Mom and sister had been there and I had not…that’s just not fair!  So String of Purls sucked me in with their cute store, fun yarns, and nice ladies working.  I purchased my 1st kit.  A very cute primary color block blanket out of primary colors.

Fast forward to this past weekend.  I had martini night with the girls (the pineapple infused vodka was a total hit), which then means that Sunday is rather quiet around my house.  In preparation for staying out too late I do all of my chores on Saturday, which leaves Sunday very free.  So while working on the above scarf, I get the uncontrollable urge to play with the new yarn that I purchased at String of Purls!

So I do it….I cast on for a 3rd project!

I finished with the 1st block while watching Army Wives Sunday night.  I am now slightly obsessed with seeing how all of the colors are going to work together.  And I love how quickly it knits up!

So you see, I have had a bit of knitting A.D.D.  And 3 projects for some people is fine.  But it is most unusual for me to have cast on for 2 new ones in such a short period of time.  I’ve been working on Moira FORVER and swear I will have it done by Thanksgiving!  In the meantime, the small projects are giving me a huge sense of accomplishment!

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