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Well, my luck did not hold and I ran out of yarn to finish Moira.  I have searched on the internets and found 1 hank that is now rooming in some distribution facility waiting to be delivered to me.  While I wait for that to arrive I looked through my vast list of projects queued up to see what I should cast on for.

Thermal won!

I swatched for it and everything (probably the 1st time I have actually done that)!  Size 3 circular win the prize for closest gauge.  I plan to make a good start on it this weekend.  I’ve had a busy week and have a nasty fall cold, so will hang out, watch movies, and knit.

But first I have to get through tomorrow.  We are “required” to dress up for work.  Last year I was a biker chick. 

And my favorite part of that was spraying my hair black.

So this year when my group decided to be Smurfs (typing it, saying it, or anything makes me laugh) I am pretty sure my favorite part is going to be spraying my hair blue in the morning!



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NYC Recap

Yes, this is where I went last weekend.  I absolutely LOVE New York City and I have the souvenir license plate/stitch marker to prove it!  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want to live there (well, at least not for longer than a couple of years), but it is a place that is awesome to visit!

One of my co-workers and I have been feeling a titch burned out.  OK, I’m going to tangent for a second…..I had to lookup how to spell “titch” because I say it but have never written it….you get some really odd things with that search!!  Back to being burned out…..so we decided about 6 weeks ago to plan a trip to NYC.  I had been there about 1 1/2 years ago and she had been there about 20 years ago and we both wanted go back.  Tickets, travel book and maps were bought (because I am a geek and the ones from 1 1/2 years ago needed some supplementing) and we were off.

Thursday evening started off with checking into our hotel in Times Square.  The Doubletree is not the most expensive hotel in town, but it had a great location (see it on the corner), 2 beds, 2 rooms (yes a little living room AND a bedroom), and most importantly when 2 women are travelling together….2 sinks.  VERY spacious for NYC.  The lobby had crazy construction going on, but seriously who cares!  We had no intention of hanging out in the lobby!  The guy checking us in recommended a Mexican Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.  Arriba Arriba was a short walk away and a great start to the trip!  The food was good, the people watching was fun, and the margaritas were awesome!  In the excitement of the first evening there might have been a couple too many margaritas…but we were on vacation and what happens in NY stays in NY!

Friday morning required a lot of fresh crisp NY air!  And then we were off to the Financial District.  Our first trip on the subway and I had to stare at the blue dot on the floor since the motion was about to kill me….UGH!  (But, thank you subway!  You saved my feet from lots of walking which result in lots of pain after 3 days!)  Once we arrived at our stop, and since we work in the crazy financial world, the New York Stock Exchange was a given for our 1st sight to see.

Federal Hall, Trinity Church, and the Brooklyn Bridge were all also seen and appreciated and then we were on to Lady Liberty.

We had purchased our tickets ahead of time which I highly recommend! We didn’t have to wait in line to buy a ferry ticket, our ferry ticket line was quicker (like a FastPass at Disney World), and we got to go into her base…..so close we could look up her skirt!

We ran out of time (and energy) so we didn’t stop on Ellis Island where I could have seen where my great-grandfather signed the book when he arrived.  It gives me a good excuse to go back.

That night we got to see the skaters at Rockefeller Center.  I would love to go back at Christmas and see it all decked out!  This just gave me a tease for what it must be like!

And one of my favorite sites at night is Radio City Music Hall.  It fits in with my love of old movies and old musical movie stars!

Saturday started with visiting my favorite skyscraper in NY.  The Flatiron Building.

The building’s shape fascinates me, and Madison Square Park is right across the street where you can catch glimpses of the building while you watch the dogs in the dog park.  I think we got the most laughs trying to match the dogs playing together with the owners talking together.  We then tried to go to Purl….for my yarn fix.  Unfortunately it doesn’t open until noon on Saturdays and we were there at 11.  WAY BUMMED!!!  I stood outside with my face plastered against the window drooling over yarn I couldn’t touch.  My co-worker does not understand my “knitting thing” and threatened to walk off and leave me there.  Next time I will get pretty New York yarn!

The day ended with the musical Chicago which was fabulous!  I want to be a teensy bit as talented as those people are!

Sunday started with Central Park and the Met.








There was ice cream at Serendipity.  Then the day ended with Grand Central Station and the top of the Chrysler Building (I always think of the song from Annie… “You’ll stay up until this dump shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!”).

The trip was fabulous and I came home tired and happy.  The next trip will involve WAY more shopping (I discovered my friend is not a big shopper), but that just means there will need to be a next time!

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Moira Update

I have been obsessed (not an exageration) with working on Moira.  Progress is being made!!

I put the neck on yesterday.  Big news for me since it involved picking up and knitting stitches.  It went pretty well.  I realized after doing it that it didn’t mean to knit the stitches that had been on the front and back holders, and instead, I should have kept in pattern.  But, alas, the neck is on!!  I pulled it on after finishing the neck just to see if everything was sizing up ok, and I really do think I am going to like it!  As you can see I have 1 sleeve done, and the 2nd is about 1/4 of the way done!  YAY!!

On the front I did a Cable 2 twist on the border edge of the center panel.

This yarn is a little drapey and squishy for this large (and rather heavy) project.  So I thought it just gave better definition than the simple K2 that the pattern states….see…..

I have a feeling the heaviness of the sweater is going to make it pull out of shape.  But it feels wonderful and shows off the cables so nicely!  AND I really thought I was going to run out of yarn.  I am getting ready to wind my last hank to finish the sleeve….then with the bits I have left from all of the other hanks I am hoping to make it to the finish line!

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Yes, I have been AWOL.  I’ve missed reporting on my 1 year blogiversary, my 30 something birthday, and loads of other things.  I have no good reason.  There has been no catastrophe – unless you count the national financial crisis, the local financial crisis (if you’re not from here Mr. Petter is in big trouble and taking a lot of things & people down with him), and an election that many people can’t stop talking about…I guess that’s not a catastrophe, but it’s getting old. 

The days are getting short, the weather is getting cold, and my body and mind have started to go into hibernation.  My house is not very tidy, and I am still showering in my basement bathroom because I have not found a plumber to come fix my leaking pipe in the upstairs shower.  See…..it’s a funk.  Nothing horrible has happened, I just happen to have a horrible attitude.

To try and shake my funk I went to the Apple Orchard on Saturday with a friend and a couple of kids.  WOW!  Chaos!!  It was a gorgeous day and I think everyone from the city had the same idea!  The kids had a blast and I now have some very nice apples that I have been snacking on.  I am going with the “apple a day keeps the doctor away” slogan.  It was the 1st time I had ever went on this fall adventure and will probably do it again next year, but will check out a different fine orchard.

I have been knitting….finished my beautiful red Vintage Velvet Scarf, cranked out a fun silk/cotton scarf for a friend, and Moira is soon going to have a front and a back.  However, I can only talk about these because I cannot get a decent picture to save my life (I’m blaming the lack of sun, not my lack of talent).  So even if the house is a dusty mess I am finding peace in my lovely stitches!  🙂


And finally.  The other night I was reminded that as a kid I was an avid fan of commercials.  I sang the jingles whenever I was reminded of one – the grocery store was really bad…I was so annoying – and remember them better than most shows.  I now tend to fast forward through commercials or not be amused by them.  This one, however, is awesome!

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