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Thanksgiving Preparations

For most people Thanksgiving preparation means going to the grocery store.  For me it means going to the yarn store.

There are scarves to be made for Christmas!

I cant’ wait to start this one!  The colors are so cheery!

There is some cooking being done…I made banana bread tonight which has made the house smell so good!  And, so that I don’t appear a total slacker, I will be helping my Mom with the bulk of the cooking at her house since she has been slightly under the weather.

I hope everyone has a great week! 



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Saturday Hats

News Flash….I am not a fast knitter.  I read people’s blogs that talk about cranking out this and that during a movie….that would not be me.  For the purpose of being able to post more finished objects, I wish that was me, but I am realistic and am fine with the fact that it takes me at least 2 days to do a dishcloth.  That is, until this past Saturday.

One of my friends requested a hat for Christmas this year.  The only stipulation was that it be some sort of purple to go with her coat.  I found the perfect beanie pattern and went off in search of the yarn.  Even though the pattern is called Cashmere Beanie…I didn’t go for the cashmere.  Instead I found a really nice chunky wool (Rowan Colourscape Chunky).

I figured the fact that it wasn’t a solid color would eliminate the issue of it not matching her coat.  I, however, am not a fan of varigated yarn.  So I liked the fact that the pattern/color repeat was very long so I could avoid the busy look that varigated yarn can give.

I did not, however, consider the fact that the color repeats are very long and the hat is not that big…so the color I want may not appear in the hat!  See the pretty hat that has no purple in it. 

But after completing it I do think it will look nice with the Noro striped scarf I made last year. 

Hmmmm a really good Christmas set for a friend!  The shading in this yarn is reminiscent of Noro, but it’s quite a bit more tactile.

So with one hat done in about 3 hours…YES!!  3 hours!!  I started the next one with the hopes that the purple would come up in time.

It’s a little hard to tell, but that is lavender at the crown!  Yes!  It’s a winner!  I made this one a little bit shorter (started the decreases at about 5″) so it came out more beanie like as intended.

Please note:  it is very hard to photograph your own head.

And it is hard to believe, but I still had yarn left.  So I made a little hat for one of my co-workers that is having a baby girl in December.

Count them.  3 hats in 1 day!!  Yes, it is an all time fastest knitting day for me. (Bless chunky yarn and #10 1/2 needles!)

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Mall of America

Ok, I don’t know if they use those commercials all over the country or if we just get them because it is here, but when I talk about the Mall I usually sing the little jingle too (remember I also have a very weird love of jingles).

This weekend I had a visit from my college roommate and her family.  That would be her, a husband, and 3 little boys.  Wow!!  The energy those little beings can put out!!!  So what do you do with company from out of town when it is about 30 degrees and flurrying??  I take them to the Mall!

Underwater World was a hit…..

Yep, there were real sharks and everything.  But touching the stingrays was probably the highlight.

Other hit stops included Lego Land and the amusement park.

I personally usually avoid the amusement park because it is noisy and chaotic (some would argue that the whole Mall is like that, but there is shopping in the rest of the noise & chaos!), but on Saturday I managed to spend at least 2 hours walking around and waiting in line for some of the smaller thrills the park has to offer.

This one managed to entertain the boys, but also managed to make my old roommate wish we had not eaten at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co which in turn meant our time in the Park was over.  Whew!!!  Finally off to do some shopping!

It was a fun weekend and I am so glad they came to visit.  The boys assured me they would be back to see the Mall again because they were sure they did not get to see it all in the meazley 6 1/2 hours we were there!

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Kitchen Jewelry

I have lived in this house for almost 5 years and the kitchen cabinets have always drove me nuts.  They are just flat fronts so you have to grab the edge to open them, and they stick sometimes…just irritating.  I have debated on putting pulls on them for a while, but you have to drill the holes and have you priced out pulls??  Needing 25 of them adds up (amazing considering my kitchen is smaller than most people’s offices, but I have a lot of doors).

But finally it all came together and I got motivated this weekend…..   



My sister and I likened it to adding jewelry to an outfit.  It just finishes it off and makes it look just a bit less plain.

I also got all motivated and finally painted the basement stairwell.  Once again, I have been putting it off because painting above the stairs was going to be slightly challenging.  But I do love to paint, and I was tired of the pinky/taupe color the last owners had chosen.  Whala……

So much for sitting around all weekend and knitting!  I did get the ribbing on Thermal started, and yesterday I got the last needed hank of yarn for Moira….so it should be finished soon!

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