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I know it’s been about 18 years since I have posted, however, when I logged in everything looks different!  I take an unplanned couple-of-weeks-break and wordpress decides to remodel!  Do they not understand I haven’t posted because I’ve been busy, and now posting is going to take a little longer than scheduled because everything has been moved and spiffed up??  But since I love change (in my alter-universe where the sky really is pink) I am rolling with the change (well, kind of, other than the griping above)!

As for everything else….I think I left off at Thanksgiving.  🙂  My Mom was still not very perky so I cooked.  If you knew me at all this would scare you.  Bottom line….it was edible and no one complained (about the food or that they would get fat from too much of it).  There was much knitting completed, most of which got photographed, some of which still needs to be photographed.

The hats (Shadir and the Cashmere Button Beanie) were hits!

They were both given to the bigger girl in the picture….but 2 heads were needed for modeling!

There was a slight snafu with the scarf that was to be given with the hats.  The morning of the gift exchange I was finishing it up (like you really thought I would be done early) and had about 45 minutes before I needed to be at my destination with presents wrapped and ready.  I ran out of yarn.  Yes, I had not showered yet and started freaking (just a little) about ripping back enough rows to start the corner over (darn garter-stitch diagonal scarf) at an earlier row which would allow me to finish the scarf!  I stopped freaking, took a shower, and admitted like a big-girl that I had over-estimated my skills and would be gifting her the scarf in the very near future.  She very graciously agreed to my plan and loved her hats without the scarf!  It is done now, but I still need a good modeling photo of the finished product.  Until then, enjoy the shot she received with her hats (it really is prettier in person).

Also, for those observant people out there….this is not the yarn pictured in the last post.  I  made that yarn up and had 2 people tell me it looked like a man’s scarf.  So it is being gifted to a man for Christmas.  When he receives it there will be pictures!

My very fun multi-colored scarf was a huge hit with it’s recipient, but once again I am short a photo.  We were a little more focused on the martinis.

Soooo, no pretty scarf picture, but instead an ugly sweater picture.  🙂

I did not, however, by any means get shorted in the gift department!  My non-knitterly friends truly outdid themselves by surfing online and even watching a knitting show on HGTV to give me some really nice things.

I got yarn dye!!!!  OK, I have no idea how to use it, but I am so excited to try!  I’ve decided I need to be focused while dealing with things that can dye my countertops a rainbow of colors, so will be experimenting with this after the new year when I am less spastic.

Then there is the Cables & Arans book.  I can sit and look at it for hours just like I used to drool over the Sears toy book as a kid!  Cables just make me happy!

I have been blessed with truly good friends and love them everyday for what they add to my life!


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