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So I survived the holidays and they were great!  2009 is off and it is already mid-January! Crazy!!  I have not picked up my needles at all yet this year.  I had a flurry of little projects in December, and I think I’ve just been recovering.  2 years ago I spent New Year’s day looking for some cotton yarn to make a sweater.  That was when I got my lesson in how much my yarn addiction could cost.  At the time I found the most gorgeous green sherbet cotton bulky yarn.  It was $22/hank and I was overwhelmed.  What??  I need 9 hanks….that’s like $200 for a sweater!!  I went home and made a dish cloth.

Now 2 years later I’ve gotten over the sticker shock.  Right now a $200 sweater won’t exactly exactly fit in the budget, but I have learned that getting nice yarn which is exactly what you want is worth the expense.  The whole time I am working with it I’m loving every minute of it.  Some people love gambling and can spend $200 in an hour….at least I get to play with the yarn for weeks (maybe months if my latest projects are any examples) and end up with a usable item….not a bad hobby at all!

For Christmas this year I asked for a few knitting related items that I will share as I use them, however, I also asked for a weather station for my house.  You know, it has the little displan inside that tells you what the temperature is in your house, and then you put a little receiver outside and it tells you what the temperature outside is.  I live in a state where the weather is typically a converstaion opener and can lead to many people’s entire conversations.  I rarely watch the news these days, so figured I could at least know what to prepare for when I leave the house.

Yesterday, I didn’t want to know what I was leaving the house for…..

Do you see that negative sign in front of the 17?  Last night we got more snow and today the temps are supposed to start droppping again.  It got cold so early this year that it is turning into a really long winter!  I am going to need a beach escape soon….but in the meantime I need to dig out those needles because I have a little knitting group on Saturday and with these temps, I need a sweater!!


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