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When I was little I felt very grown up when I could remember that the above number was what I needed to call Information.  It kind of fascinated me that everyone just knew it…I don’t know if it was in the front of the phone book or what.  But everyone knew that if you stuck the right area code in front of that number an operator would look up whatever you wanted.  THEN I realized it was the only “real” phone number that used 555…since this  prefix is only for phone numbers used on tv and movies.  Yes, I was strange kid (who grew into an equally nerdy adult) that found that concept very cool!  Now kids just have to remember 411 and have no idea that there is a 7-digit phone number for information….I find that sad.

This all came to mind for me this week while I was watching Leverage and someone was using a rotary dial phone.  Cracks me up!  When I went off to college my grandma was the one who gave both me and my sister miscellaneous stuff from her (very large and well-stocked) house to help us set up housekeeping.  I got the totally awesome red phone (nicknamed the Bat-phone by my friends). 

I still have it hooked up in my basement.  And, yes, it takes a bit longer to dial people, but it has a very distinct loud ring, reception is clear, and the thing is heavy enough to use as a weapon (a dual purpose for security in college).  I spent MANY hours on it with my college boyfriend who went to another school and I still think of him and my grandma whenever I use it. 

When I saw it on tv the other night I realized that most kids now would have no idea even how to use one!  Kind of sad….makes me feel old and makes me appreciate all of our techy devices we use every day just a little bit more!


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I absolutely love movies.  Old movies are my favorite, but all eras of movies are good.   Free time for me is typically spent knitting and watching movies.  Netflix is a very good friend of mine!

Tonight’s knitting movie was Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d.  It was done in the 80’s and is not the best Agatha Christie movie, but low-and-behold there was knitting in it!!

Angela Lansbury….knitting!

It wasn’t the best movie in the world…I don’t think I really care for Elizabeth Taylor.  She is a legend, but I don’t love her style.  But there was Rock Hudson…and I have been a fan of his since I was a little girl and watched his romantic comedies on Sunday afternoons while the rest of my family napped.  And Angela Lansbury as Miss Marple reminded me of her tv series, Murder She Wrote…entertaining.

Not a horrible way to spend a Wednesday evening….especially since I am almost 3/4 of the way through the 4th repeat on my Blanket of Sunshine!!

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Here is the great white North we are undergoing a bit of a thaw!  We have topped 30 degrees for 2 days and my driveway is almost ice-free.  I am not saying the snow is shrinking, but the sun and warm temperatures make everyone happy!

I have, however, found the perfect winter project!!

I am well over halfway done with my Saffron Cables, and it is the perfect project when the temps have been dipping below zero.  Do you notice that it totally covers my legs!  I can work on it and stay toasty warm.  It’s kind of like test driving my little project!  I love the way it is coming out and I think it will be quite a nice size once I get it blocked.

Today I was feeling a bit blue, so thought I would take a break for just me and went to the show.  Many people are amazed that I don’t mind going to the movies by myself, but honestly it’s not like you talk during them any way!  I get a popcorn and pop and love the feeling of doing and seeing exactly what I want without worrying if someone else is enjoying it.  I went to see The Blind Side and I thought it was awesome!  Since I was not in the chipperest frame of mind I shed a lot of tears, but it was totally therapeutic.  I have always been a Sandra Bullock fan and even if blonde isn’t her most flattering hair color, I think she is amazing!

There will be no knitting tonight, but I hope to complete the 3rd repeat of my blanket by the end of my long weekend.  Tomorrow I see a movie at home and plenty of knitting in my future!

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I originally started this blog because I enjoyed reading about other people’s lives and projects.   As it turns out, I am not faithful to posting…kind of like I have never been faithful to journals or diaries.  I am easily distracted and all of the sudden I haven’t posted since July!!  But it’s a new year and I am here to document!

2009 was good.  I met a boy, but he’s 6 1/2 hours away…doesn’t bode well for lasting long.  He’s consumed a lot of my cell phone minutes since February and not nearly enough of my live-and-in-person minutes.  How long can one exist on talking and not snuggling?

The knitting has continued, but I have become queen of small projects.  Hats are my current favorite, but I miss the excitement of casting on for a sweater.  I still have a couple in progress, and I hope to get them to completion before the spring thaw begins.

Speaking of…snow is abounding here in the great white north.  But not nearly as much as in Iowa where I spent Christmas!  It was crazy and white…blowing white for 3 solid days!  And the worst part was I forgot my knitting bag!  I had to settle for some balls of cotton from Pamida (if you’ve never lived in a small town, you cannot imagine the joy of Pamida…named for three sons: Paul, Mike, and Dan.  It’s not as nice as Target or Walmart, but manages to be more expensive).  Lame, but it got me through!

I am up late since the boy promised to call and didn’t…so I am entertaining myself.  There should be pictures and posts soon to update on my blanket and other projects!

Happy New Year!

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