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For months there has been a man in my life that I thought was a good man.   He opens doors, goes to Church, loves kids, is cute, fixes things, and is basically a man.  He is no longer in my life, in fact, due to the instant status updates of Facebook, I even know that he is already involved with someone else.  She’s been married twice and has a middle school daughter.  Breaks my heart.

We’ve known each other since Jr High.  I have decided that that point right there is where I have made the most mistakes.  The past 2 men I have been involved with have been tied to high school days.  Men I hadn’t talked with for years, and they both reappeared within the past 3 years.  The common history, values, and friends makes it feel like the perfect relationship.  They know exactly what to tell me until it ends.  Then they choose to tell me nothing and just disappear.  It hurts more because they are tied to fond secure memories and the cold reality hits that they are not going to be part of a fond secure future.

I have a house, a good job, great friends, a healthy stash of yarn, and the willingness to travel by myself if necessary.  Why is it so depressing to not have someone to share it all with who will also make me a priority?  I have hunkered in for the past week and have been reevaluating priorities.  

I hate change!


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Saffron Cables is DONE!!!

This has been by far my biggest project to date!  And it is done!!!

I had lost my knitting mojo last spring (with the help of a boy who was taking up a lot of my free time).  In June I spent an afternoon winding yarn and getting an itch to knit.  Isn’t it amazing that this….

Has the ability after many hours, to be turned into this….

I spent many hours knitting away on 16 balls of yarn to end up with a very pretty “blanket of sunshine”!

I had gotten an awesome deal on 26 skeins of this wool at an LYS that was going out of business.  I should have done the math and figured out how to make it big enough for my bed, but that would have made this project even longer!  So I am VERY happy with my blanket/throw.

There is something very satisfying for me about knitting cables.  This pattern (from Interweave Knits Fall 2006) was well written and easy to follow.  I did the 4 repeats as shown in the picture rather than the 3 that the pattern suggests.

Since completing this last week I have done a few smaller projects for a little “instant gratification”.  So there are more FO’s to come!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This was my view last night!  Row 1 for the MN Wild vs the Edmunton Oilers!  It was amazing and I was thrilled!

In college I attended 1 hockey game…hockey was not exactly a big draw at Iowa State.  My first year up here was the last year the North Stars were here, and I managed to make it to one game.  I loved it!  The crowd is totally into it and they are fun!  But being down on the glass was so like being right in the middle of it all.  One of the guys I work with has season tickets and was out of town, so me and a girlfriend went.  Kind of fun going with a girl…someone to talk with about the cute Edmunton players as well as the game.

I confess to not knowing all of the rules.  But the action is awesome and the crowd is entertaining!

AND the Wild won!!

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