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When the weather starts to warm up I start getting the itch for motorcycle rides and baseball games.  When I was in high school those 2 activities were definite signs that spring was here and summer was just around the corner.

I don’t know a handy guy with a motorcycle, so I am gearing up for baseball.  We have season tickets at my office for the Twins in their new stadium.  And since I am the keeper of the tickets I am sure I will get to several games this year.  It also means I got to attend the open house to check out the new stadium.    Totally fun (even with a blind date) and I really don’t think there is a bad seat in the house!

However, this cracked me up!

Isn’t that one a little obvious??  🙂

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Especially when it is 60 degrees in MN!!!!  My flowers are coming up!!!  YAY!!

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Why are men so confusing??  The boy that I have not talked to for 6 weeks e-mails me….”Could I call you?”

My heart does the little flutter, because I have moved on…kind of…I really liked this guy.  I respond that he is always welcome to call me…even though my mind is thinking I don’t know if I want to talk to you because I’m not sure I’m ready to be friends.  I immediately started steeling my heart in preparation….and….

It’s been a week, and he hasn’t called.  SERIOUSLY!!  Why send the e-mail??  Those were some seriously good pep talks I could have saved for another day!!!

There has been knitting, but the drama of online dating and real life dating has been very time consuming too!

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Or maybe in my case I am working for the phone company.  Don’t you love the fact that you can receive and pay all of your bills online?  For me it is a double-edged sword.  It’s much more convenient, but for some reason the amount of the bill does not register as strongly as it used to when I had to get out the old checkbook and pay the bill.  So when I got my phone bill the other day it seemed a bit steep, but I wasn’t totally sure.  That’s when I realized I couldn’t even remember the password to login to my account, because everything just automatically gets paid…convenience has made me lazy!!

 Finally I got myself logged in and sure enough there was $13.75 that didn’t seem to belong.  I called in to find out what had happened.  The woman I spoke was extremely nice and helpful.  She told me that they had changed their billing cycles and the $13.75 was for the gap between the old and the new cycle.  I asked why there would be a monetary difference….if it was just timing wouldn’t the amount still be the same?  After reviewing it she agreed and told me it was a billing error and she would credit my account.

 Very easy and very painless.  What I found interesting was the total lack of apology.  She was very nice and there was nothing offensive about her service, but no one really seems to feel the need to apologize these days.  I probably apologize too much sometimes, but the occasional courtesy wave (not finger) when you’ve let someone merge into heavy traffic or an “I am so sorry we tried to get you to pay $14 you don’t owe us” can go a long way.

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I work with a guy that got an I-phone for Christmas.  The thing is tied to his hand!  We tease him about it being his “life changing device” since it has the answers to everything that we ask him.  I personally don’t have a huge desire to own an i-phone or any phone that keeps me tied to technology 24 hours a day.  BUT I do love my movies and my Netflix and I have discovered my own life changing device!

About a month ago I got a Blue Ray player that has the wireless feature that allows me to download instant watch movies from Netflix.  I LOVE it!!  It gives me quality knitting time, and a much better selection than cable (or Dish Network in my case).  I guess we all have our own technological weaknesses!

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