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The reading continues

It is fall here in the great white north.  The leaves are changing and falling and our crazy Indian Summer (8 days over 80 degrees in October!) is hopefully over.  I am ready for cooler temps and cloudy days meant for sitting on the couch and knitting!

In the meantime, my yard demands that the leaves be taken care of and everything else demands something before the snow starts to fly here!  So my downtime has only been before I go to sleep…thus reading.

My quest for finding Miss Silver continues.  As you might recall the library was a bit slow on getting my book.  So I wandered off to Stillwater a couple of Saturdays ago when it was gorgeous and I was tired of working.  In one of their nice used book stores I found….

It is one of the later Miss Silver books…”The Alington Inheritance”.  I was so excited!  I bought it as fast as possible and went home and started to read…

And I will be honest.  I did not enjoy it as much as “The Gazebo”.  There was a romance between two distant cousins that came out of the blue and was rather random.  It reminded me of the Emilie Loring books I read at the public library when I was just beginning to read romance books. …I was never fond of those either.  The mystery aspect was ok, but all in all I wasn’t thrilled.

I did, however, finally get my library book!  And, having started it….I am hooked again!  The reading continues!!



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Story Hour

Did anyone else love story hour when they were little?  Sitting at the library (public or at school) and being read to was good.  I still love to read, but find that I don’t always take the time to do it.  There are so many other distractions…knitting, movies, cooking, antiquing (is that a word?), yardwork, housework…you get the idea.  🙂

I have found that one hobby/obsession can lead to another.  Knitting blogs and Ravelry all have different knitting-related topics that can sidetrack me.  The most recent one I ran across was a series of books that has an older lady as the “star”.   Her name is Miss Silver.   She is a sleuth (I love that word!), and being of a “certain age” in a different era (the books were written in the 1920’s through 1960’s) she, of course, knits.

After hearing about the series I needed to check it out.  I have always been an avid fan of series books (note the vast Nancy Drew collection in my spare bedroom).  So I immediately starting researching online.  All of the reviews I read were positive so…could I get them at the library, ebay, bookstore?

I found a copy at the library.  It, however, was not at my branch so wouldn’t be available for over a week.  I put it on hold, but I can’t wait that long to see if I like it or not….I already have this feeling I will love them!!  THEN I found another title (The Gazebo by Patricia Wentworth) at a local used bookstore.  SCORE!!

I rushed home to read it and discovered that there is a certain charm and easiness to the reading that I like.  Miss Silver is smart and has a very strong set of beliefs of proper behaviour.   She does knit, but it’s more part of her personality rather than the story.  For me it helped illustrate her calming presence.  The story is definitely not HER story, but instead the story of the people that she ultimately helps by solving the case.  The references are vintage, as are the details (clothes and manners).  I may just be a fan!

I want to be as active and inquisitive when I get older as Miss Silver is.  In the meantime I will be tracking more of these babies down so that story hour continues at my house!!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

When I was in college I rarely had time for fun reading.  My classes obviously required textbook reading and lots of projects.  I spent most of my time making boards and floor plans. 

However, when I was growing up in small town Iowa the library had been a very important place to get my Nancy Drew fix!  So in college I would occassionally visit the public library and stumbled across the Mrs. Pollifax books (by Dorothy Gilman).  Mrs. Pollifax is an older lady that walks into the CIA to volunteer to be a spy.  Due to her ordinary appearance, age, and non-suspicious persona she gets the gig!  She had many adventures that were solved due to her lack of experience and common sense.

Looking back it was probably my Nancy Drew “fix” for when I was older.  I can only hope to be that adventurous and active when I get to a “certain age”.  🙂  Through the years I have stumbled across a few of the books in second hand stores and I pick them and still enjoy them.  Then last week I saw that there was a movie made in the 70’s!

So what better way to spend my birthday than watching a spy adventure from the 70’s!  There is a certain cheesiness and crazy fashion that makes that era very fun!  I do enjoy the books much more than the movie, since it doesn’t exactly stay in line with the books.  But is was absolutely enjoyable to watch!

Pretty much a great birthday treat!

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