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This was my bathroom on Friday morning….

It’s little hard see the actual problem.  Can you see the edge of the door above on your left?

Well, there is is NO clearance to get into the smallest room in my house.  Well, I guess there is some clearance since I have lived here for 8 years and have managed to get in there every day.  However, a hip or elbow or other body part usually get banged once a day.

So Friday afternoon I had this beauty put in!

It is from IKEA which is a fabulous store for small spaces!  IKEA does tranlate into assemble anything you bring home…..so I had to spend a couple of hours interpreting the pictures to assemble the cabinet.  I really am better suited to words and vote for having instructions that include words along with the pictures.  However, I digress.  This little beauty is amazingly thin (I want someone to describe me that way) at about 10″ deep.

And it is remarkable tall…at about 36″.  I don’t even have to bend over to wash my hands!   I originally saw it in their catalog, but was never able to find it online.  Luckily they had it in our store.

And best of all….

I don’t have to turn sideways to get in the door!  And I also gained a smidge of storage.  There is never too much storage in a tiny bathroom.

Did you notice the pretty shiny faucet?  Amazon is my friend and got it here to me before the plumber got here!  All is good in my little bathroom!!



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