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It has been almost 2 years since I have went anyplace on an airplane.  I miss flying.  I love to get to the airport early and have coffee or something to eat while I listen to my ipod and watch people.  All in the anticipation of getting on the plane and sitting and reading or knitting while I fly through the clouds.  I truly do get a little giddy about it, and in truth, I love going new places so the adventure of the plane ride is just good anticipation for a new place.

Well, I finally convinced a girlfriend that we should get out of town, and soon!  So in anticipation of the plane ride and the new location…I needed something to document my travels.

A new camera.

I have had my point-and-shoot Olympus for 4 or 5 years.  It was a nice little camera, but I didn’t ever love it.  It didn’t take phenomenal photos (because that of course has nothing to do with the user), and it has gotten so the battery will only hold a charge for about 10 pictures.  That is simply not going to work when I am out and about.  (Do you hear the rationalization for a new toy?)

Last time I made a production out of buying my camera.  I wanted to touch and feel them at Best Buy.  Then I went home and searched online for prices and reviews.  Then I went to Target, or anywhere else that had alternatives for me to touch and feel (I am very into the touching and feeling part of shopping).  Then I debated on whether I should just go to National Camera Exchange because they have knowledgeable sales people and they will let you take a class to get the most out of your camera.  All to end up going back to Best Buy and buying my Olympus which I didn’t  end up loving.

So this time I knew I needed one in the near future.  I saw a Target ad for this little Kodak Easyshare.  It was red….I like red.  It was a Kodak….I loved my very 1st 35mm camera which was a Kodak (I then lamented the fact that I had lent it to a girlfriend who took it to Chicago and forgot it in a bar and how I have missed that camer ever since).  It was $89.99…..which was in my budget (and was way less than what I paid for my Olympus).  It has 16 megapixels and a 5X optic zoom…..good enough stats for me.  So I will confess the only research I did was to see if Amazon had it…they did for $81 & free shipping.  I ordered it without ever even going to touch and feel it!  It arrived on my door…more pink than red.  But still very cute!

So a comparison…..my crocuses on the Olympus (can you even believe I have crocuses blooming in March and that my yard is green????  This winter is weird.)……

And here are my crocuses on my new Kodak Easyshare…..

This wasn’t very scientific.  I just used the auto setting on both of them.  But I think I might come to love my new little Kodak and I don’t regret my stressfree approach to camera shopping this time!


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Everyone has their own interpretation of Life’s Luxuries.  For me sometimes it is splurging on a $5 Caramel High Rise at Caribou Coffee, or simply taking a Monday off to do nothing other than stay in my pj’s until after lunch (ok, I’m doing that today).

There are the luxuries that good friends give you.  To fill my knitting “needs” the gift of a pair of Signature Needles for my birthday a couple of years ago and a 2nd pair this past Christmas are absolutely treasured.

These are the perfect luxury.  My first pair had the spiral top.

Stiletto tips just sounds so girly!  And they make picking up stitches soooo easy.  You have to love that!

Then I received these red beauties with their teardrop top and middy tip.

 They are so slick and nice to knit with.  It is something that is really hard to explain to someone who doesn’t knit and who can’t touch them.  Just feeling them makes me happy.  Yes, weird, but true!

Then there are the luxuries that I splurge on myself.  I usually justify some kind of splurge when I receive my tax return.  Thank you, Uncle Sam, for providing a savings account for me….no, I am not going to argue or think about the interest-free aspect of this account…..I am just going to be thankful for it.

This year resulted in the very fun Coach Willis bag in a cool colorblock.

It is truly a splurge, but I love handbags.  They always fit…even when my pants don’t…and they can be carried and loved every day!

So whether it’s a cup of coffee or fun new bag, life’s little luxuries give me a little perk in my day and sometimes help motivate me to keep going to work every day (except today, when the day off is my luxury)!

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How did you spend St. Patrick’s Day?  MN has been have remarkable weather.  So while it was hitting 75 degrees I had the windows open and spent part of the day perusing The Taste of Home Cookie cookbook.

I picked this up at a local outlet mall a couple of years ago (note the black mark on the bottom edge….that means I got a deal!).  I can spend hours just thumbing through it.  Sometimes I just enjoy looking at the pictures and recipes, and at others I am looking to see if there is something that I can make that I already have all of the ingredients in my cupboards.  That’s what I was doing this time.

I thought I had found the perfect candidate…Glazed Peanut Butter Bars.  THEN I started to pull everything together and realized I didn’t have eggs!  Ugh!  So I made a quick trip to Target….and had my cast together.

Are you noticing the 2 precious eggs up front!  And in case you’re worried…I bought 1 1/2 dozen so that I won’t have that problem again soon!

Is anyone else fascinated with cooking?  It is amazing that those thing pictures above can be mixed together into this sticky mess….

Then you throw it into the oven for 25 minutes on 325 degrees and you spread some melted chips on top and it looks like this!

They were quick and easy….and I will be honest….they made an awesome breakfast this morning!  🙂  I rationalize that oatmeal and peanut butter are not a bad start to the day with the chocolate just being a little perk!

So the bars were a huge hit for me!  Unfortunately Iowa State lost while I was making them…so that was not a huge hit for me.  😦  But a beautiful day and beautiful brownies….not a bad St. Patrick’s Day!

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Leapday Snow

This is what I woke up to on Wednesday.

It was absolutely beautiful…..but took 2 hours to shovel off of the driveway!  It was VERY wet snow.

We have had a very mild winter, but when it snows I like to buy myself a little perk for the weekend….

I  am enjoying them this afternoon while I watch Rosemary & Thyme and knit on Bonnie.  Lovely!


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