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The Grand Finale!

Day 3 of the Yarn Shop Hop was Saturday.  It had us on the road by roughly 9 AM.  A very good accomplishment because I am NOT a morning person!!  We were at our first store by a little after 10 AM and finished the final 7 stores by 3:30!!  What an incredible day!!

Of the 7 stores there were only 2 that I had never been to.  As you can tell….I get around to check out my yarn!  🙂

Our 7 charms….

We started the day as far east as possilbe in Stillwater at Darn Knit Anyway (I am still longing for one of their wide-mouth project bags in fun colors that were on the stairs).  The were representing England with a Teapot.  Next was Lila & Claudine’s in Mahtomedi which was Norway with a Dragonfly (they have so much yarn and MORE…I will be back).  Then came Crafty Planet in Minneapolis which was representing Russia with a Nesting Doll.  A Sheepy Yarn Shoppe in White Bear Lake was Argentina with a Horse.  The Double Ewe Yarn Shop in Circle Pines was USA with a Passport Cover (I have been there before and the owner is one of the nices women I have ever met).  Shepherd’s Choice in Anoka was Peru with a Cowboy Hat.  We finished at Amazing Threads which was Paris with Eifel Tower.

The loot was good!  🙂  I scored another color of Rowan Siena for Monte Carlo at A Sheepy Yarn Shop.  Some cream Remix at Lila & Claudine’s that I would like to turn into Purlbee’s Big Herringbone Cowl.  The needles for the cowl were found at Shepherd’s Choice. 

And the impulse buys included fun souvenirs from Darn Knit Anyway….you always need another notions bag and tape measure.  At Double Ewe she had these cute little “cheater” cards that will help me guesstimate how much yarn to buy when I’m in love but have no project in mind.  And the only signature shop hop yarn purhcase of the day was at Lila & Claudine’s….the colors are fabulous and I have no idea what I will do with it, but it had to come home with me!

Lila & Claudine’s also had a wall of fun reusable bags….this beauty is the perfect size to store and carry my blocking square in!  And it schlepped my purchases around too!

We had an amazing day!  We only got lost a couple of times and repeatedly kept saying that we would do “such & such” differently next year so that we don’t get lost!  I am so glad we will be doing this again!!!!! 

We went to 3 Squares to relax and rehash our purchases  and organize our charms while trying to remember where we got them….but we were mostly there to enjoy their fabulous cucumber-pear margarita.  Yep, the 2012 yarn shop hop was my little glimpse of heaven and I loved every minute of it!  I know it is a ton of work for the planners and the shops and I am so happy that they do it!  Thank you!!!!!


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I know!  I know!  By the time I summarize my yarn shop hop it will have been over for weeks!  🙂

Day 2 of the yarn extravaganza was Friday the 13th.  But there was no bad luck in sight as you can see…..

The stores were closing at 6 PM since it was a Friday…..so we got out of work a little early and in about 3 hours made it to 3 stores!  7 down…7 more to go!

My supplies for Monte Carlo increased with needles from the Yarn Garage and white Siena from The Yarnery.  Some Plymouth Select DK Merino Superwash at 3 Kittens was needed to complete a stocking hat that is being planned (WAY in advance) for Christmas.  Then there were 2 impulse buys….the Yarnery’s shop hop signature yarn and a very cool pattern holder at 3 Kittens. 

Justifications for the impulse buys….seriously is there anyone that can resist silk?  The Yarnery’s All for the Love of Yarn was pretty and sooooooo soft!!!  I have been accused of having a problem with the “S” word….silk that is.  Then the pattern holder…..it has vintage robots on it!!!!! (There are not enough exclamation points for that.)  I absolutely love 1950’s robots and if I ever have kids that will be my nursery theme.  In the meantime I now have a cool holder for my pattern when I go on vacation (which is very soon, thank heaven!)!  When you open it there is a plastic sleeve to put the pattern into (and polka dots…yes, I am one of “those” people…I love dots).

Then you can invert it, snap it, and have it angled to read!

It is adorable and functional AND it was handmade by Slipped Stitch Studios.

To wrap up my day 2 summary is the charms.

Our first stop was the Yarn Garage (the southern-most store on the route) which was representing Germany with a cookoo clock.  Our next Stop was 3 Kittens.  They had a Snowflake for Sweden.  I think this might have been my favorite charm, which I think might be due to my strong Swedish background.  And our final stop was The Yarnery which had the very cool Tree (of life) charm for Australia.

I had actually been to all of these store before, but 3 Kittens has moved since I was there last so I enjoyed seeing their new digs.  The day was a little drippy and a bit brisk, but we found parking at the Yarn Garage right off the bat. 

We only got a “little” lost finding 3 Kittens due to my bad navigation and some poor street signage (no, we are not modern women with GPS…it’s called a paper map and a lot of stopping).  And our parking luck held strong with a spot open in The Yarnery’s little lot….and they locked the door as we left…6 PM sharp! 

It only rained when we were driving and would stop when we got to our destination.  Sometimes you just know things are going your way!!

We both went home and crashed since our plan was to be on the road at 9 AM Saturday morning to be in Stillwater at 10!  Awesome day!!

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Sometimes I am so late to the party!!

I just found out this year that Minneapolis has a Yarn Shop Hop!  Seriously, a weekend to go to a bunch of shops and enter to win prizes.  It’s kind of like a golf vacation or baseball stadium tour that the guys in my life love…only better because this one is for me….and sometimes it is just all about me!

 So this is how it works.  There are 14 stores participating and we had 4 days to get to all of them.  It started on Thursday and ends today.  Each stop represents a country and if you bring a donation to the food shelf you receive a charm that represents their country.  You also get your “passport” stamped.  When you hit all 14 you receive a pin to hang all of your charms on and you turn in your passport for a drawing for fabulous prizes!

It was a lot of stores, and a lot of fun!  We started Thursday after work (seriously work gets in the way of my playing sometimes!).  So between 4 PM and 8 PM we managed to make it to 4 stores, which is not bad considering the distance and rush hour traffic.

Our first stop was at Skeins in Minnetonka (closest to our work offices) which was representing Italy with a wine barrel charm.  Next came Coldwater Lakeside Yarns in Excelsior which was representing Iceland with an Iceland Sheep charm.  Next came Needlework Unlimited which is my LYS of choice.  They were representing Poland with a Key (to the stash) charm.  Our final stop of the night was Steven Be’s in south Minneapolis.  That stop was sensory overload and fabulous!!!!   So much yarney goodness in one very large room!  They were representing Africa with an elephant charm.

This weekend is going to be a budget buster.  I have been planning and saving.  So my treasures from the first day were thought out and loved!

The front 2 skeins are the signature yarns for the shop hop from Steve Be and Skeins.  I had been drooling over the Rowan #51 Magazine and want to make Monte Carlo.  So after purchasing the book  at one store, at the next store I got the darker green yarn  in the back of the picture to start the sweater.

And to get myself a little more organized I got some tubes to put double-pointed needles in.

I put numbers on the top so that I know what they are….

I absolutely love these!  Now I know what I have and what I don’t without having to measure them every time!  So cool!  🙂


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