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Well, I was there….and it DOES rain in California!  But that song still keeps repeating over and over in my head!

San Diego was a great place to spend a few days.  And though we did experience their rain and a few overcast days….we also experienced this view!

We stayed in the Crystal Pier Cottages on Pacific Beach. Specifically cottage #15.

They make me think of 1950’s family vacations.  I love that you can drive down the dock and park (though that is parallel park) right in front of your cottage…..our spot….#15.

See those boards.  They also make a fair amount of noisy (and shaking) when you drive down them.  Totally adds to the charm of the whole experience!  After a day you barely notice it when you are trying to sleep.

The pier is open to the public during they day and you can walk out to the end of it and fish (or watch other people fish) and you can be closer to the dophins and surfers.

And since there are fish being caught….these are attracted….

It was a little too up close and personal for me.  I have a huge fear of birds in the house…or in this case..cottage.  Don’t judge….we all have our “things”.

Our deck out the back of our cottage was fully equipped with loungers and a table w/umbrella and chairs.

The loungers had blue & white striped chair pads you could put on them.  Which coordinated with the interior decor.

It had a distinctly beach feel.

A home away from home.

Do you see that black thing on the table.  It’s the binoculars case!  I must say one of the things I was most thrilled to see was that they provide you with binoculars!  Makes watching the ships and dolphins much easier.  But it also makes spying on the beach goers more fun too.  🙂  Again, don’t judge!

By the way, the shutters were great.  The provided privacy, but still allowed a breeze and the sound of the water.  Did I mention how nice it was to open the patio door and be able to hear and see the ocean??  It was fabulous.

One of the most memorable parts of the trip was our takeoff when we were heading home.  We took off towards the ocean.  We flew right over Pacific Beach and we got to see the aerial view of where we had spent the past five days.  The pointe where we visited the Surfer Memoria, our cool hotel, and the old wooden rollercoaster.  Our last view of San Diego was where we had spent the majority of our time there.

I loved our hotel and I took about a million pictures of the ocean.  We had fabulous food and drinks, and it was a much needed break from my real life!  Pictures never do it justice, but San Diego is beautiful!!!


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What do I do between mowing the yard and the rain showers?  I buy myself tulips.

I have mentioned before that I love to splurge and by myself flowers for the weekend.  I put these tulips in a cool glass block vase that I got from my grandma’s house when she passed away.  Tulips are my most favorite flower ever, and these make me smile!

Things have been busy enough around here.  There was vacation which will be discussed later, Yarnover where MORE yarn was purchased, and there has been knitting!

I started this on Saturday…post-vacation.  Due to my lack of finesse with finishing I am knitting the body in the round up to the armholes.  Soooo…..I had to figure out  jogless striping! 

I’m not sure it’s how everyone else does it.  After I knit the first row of the new stripe/color, on the 1st stitch of the 2nd row I pick up the right leg of the lower stitch so the color is from the previous stripe)..bring it up on the left needle and knit it together with the 1st stitch of the 2nd row.  It works!!!

Now I am off to watch a movie, work on Monte Carlo, and enjoy the sound of the rain in the trees through my open windows!

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