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So in the month I’ve been gone, WordPress has revamped.  It’s not exactly user-friendly!

But I am here to report that I have been in a bit of a knitting burnout.  So there is no progress to report.  Instead I have been experimenting with new rhubarb recipes and watching tv while I do it.  And, low and behold, there are people knitting on my tv!

While it rained last weekend I streamed Never Been Kissed.  I like Drew Barrymore and to make her more likable….she “taught” her boss, John C. Reilly, how to knit.  Granted, I don’t actually think he was knitting, but it was a random addin that I found fun.

Then I looked up last night and saw Monica knitting on the first season of Friends!  She actually appeared like she was knitting.  Chandler and Rachel were staged to look like they were winding or unballing yarn…both of which were not actual functional.  But knitting on Friends….you have to love it!

Do you notice that they are both knitting blue pieces?  Maybe it’s a tv thing.  Maybe it’s the same piece of knitting that is just moved from set to set.  🙂

The weather is gorgeous here today.  This morning I planted some flowers and my few vegetables.  And I am off to knit for a little while at a friends house.  Hopefully I can get a couple of rows done before we go have cucumber/pear margaritas!


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