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March Madness Crochet

Yes, some people think it’s spring. All signs for us outside still show winter.

Our snow is shrinking….but it is still here!  So even though this past weekend was sunny and in the 30’s I was not outside playing.  Instead I decided to work on some long overdue inside projects.  My sister found a bag of these afghan squares many years ago when my grandma passed away.

They are kind of fun!  However, there are not enough for anything other than some pillows.  About a year ago she asked if there was any way that I could make them into a throw/afghan.  I took them and told her I could figure something out.  But does anyone notice a problem??  These were not created by beloved knitting needles.  They were created with these….

I only use these for weaving in ends and hadn’t even learned how to use them for edging.  UGH!  Thus the squares sat here for  a year without being touched.

I finally decided last week that I should do something with them.  Partially because my sister’s birthday was at the beginning of March and wouldn’t it have been nice to have had this done for a gift????  Well, I won’t see her until Mother’s Day and I work best under pressure….  🙂

So I started slow and found a nice simple dish cloth pattern with a great tutorial video on a “simple” half double crochet stitch.

Not bad for my first try!  Since it is edged you don’t see that I “lost” a couple of stitches along the way.  So it is not exactly square!  But I can crochet!!!!

Now that I was on a roll I decided it would be my goal this past weekend to conquer granny squares!!  Friday night while I watched Iowa State beat Notre Dame (Yay!) I found a very useful tutorial (I love YouTube!).  It was late, and I didn’t tackle attempting anything yet.

So while it was sunny and 34 on Saturday I sat inside and mastered the art of crocheting granny squares!

Here’s my plan.  I don’t have the pattern for the flowered square that Grandma was making.  So I am just going to do solid white basic squares until I have enough of both for an afghan.

I managed to get 9 squares done throughout the weekend.   A couple were done while I watched Iowa State lose on Sunday morning.   😦  So my March Madness pool continues as does my newly acquired crochet skill.





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It is still cold in the great white north and there is still plenty of snow on the ground.  I am continuing my pre-spring tradition of using tulips to get over the winter blues.

The did not have yellow, but I do like the pink and orange just about as well!

I have also been trying to get some knitting done.  It is too early to work in the yard (other than the tree trimming that I did this past week), so the sunny weekend days are spent cooking, catching up on movies, and knitting.  Bonnie has been on hold since last summer after I finished the sleeves.  About the beginning of February I picked up the project again and have started the body of the sweater!  Since I HATE seaming….I am doing it in the round.  There is something about cables that are so fulfilling for me!

We are forecasted to get some snow tomorrow, so I am debating on getting out of the house with the camera and trying to document this beautiful sunny Saturday.  I couldn’t get the boy to go to Stillwater with me….so we will see if I get motivated to go it alone!

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