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What have I been up to??  Crochet, crochet, and more crochet!

When summer comes it seems like I turn to the hook instead of the needles.

The first set of dishcloths was done around Christmas time.  A set of 3 for a late Christmas gift.  I had read so many differing opinions about Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton that thought I would give it a test drive.

I loved them!  So I duplicated that initial set and still have the 2nd set of 3 in a box on hold for a hostess gift or some other fitting occasion.

They have a retro feel to them, maybe due to the colors, or maybe because of the scalloped edge which feels “old school” to me.  Either way they are a hit for me!

I got a little tired of dishcloths through spring – took a break –

And then decided..wait! I need dishcloths for myself.  I stuck with the I Love Cotton because it is easier for me to crochet with since it is not as stiff as the cotton that I normally use.  And I love them!  The colors just make me happy when I see them and they’re pretty.

So pretty that I made a couple more for a friend’s birthday….

Combined with some strawberry/rhubarb jam it was the perfect birthday gift to be mailed off to Nebraska.

The dishcloth saga will continue soon….. into the knitted world!!!


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