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September Weekends

We are half-way through September and enjoying beautiful weather!  Comfortable gorgeous days and cool nights that allow for open windows while sleeping.  We still have enough heat and sunshine to have beautiful flowers.

But the shorter days of sunlight are starting to give us tinges of what will be our fall color within the next few weeks.

This is my favorite time of year and makes me motivated to do many things and nothing all at the same time.  That is totally contradictory, but makes my weekends become even more happily anticipated and highly treasured.

Last week dead bananas that I purchased for a work function were not all used at the function.

So becoming a tool to make the house smell nummy as banana bread was whipped up…..

This was the perfect start to a slow morning of coffee and anticipation as the hour long bake time allows for a shower and a few chores.

Yes, technically winding yarn is not a chore.  But categorizing it as a chore while waiting for bread to bake makes me feel much more productive.  Like I have a checked another “horrible” task off of my list.

The end result of all of that “work” was fabulously satisfying.  Makes me wish I could start every morning of every day like this.

And all of that effort resulted in my being able to have some fun time to do what I like best. Knitting.

I visited with 2 of my girlfriends on an out-of-town weekend last spring.  I had just finished a pair of fingerless mittens for myself at the time and was happily showing them off.  This resulted in requests from each of them for mitts of their own.  One in blue and one in black.  I started the blue pair first because that particular girlfriend lives in Nebraska, and she is enjoying some slightly cooler temperatures just like I am here in Minnesota.  The black pair will be sent off to Texas, and honestly she might not need anything heavier than those for the entire winter, and she is definitely not going to need them in the next few weeks.

So the blue ones got rolling and with the help of a little binge watching of Stranger Things  over last weekend and almost every night this past week they are half done!

I would like to take this time to note that I am right-handed.  This is only relevant because I can now attest to how difficult it is to hold a camera with your left hand and push the picture-taking-button that is located on the right-side of the camera…all while keeping said camera fairly steady.  Mission accomplished.  But not as easy as one would think!

I really like this free pattern from Cascade yarns.  I read several of the notes on Ravelry and took their tip of knitting the left-leaning cable stitches through the back of the loop.  It makes them lay flatter.

The fit on it is better than the pair that I knit for myself last spring mostly because of the ribbing on the palm which keeps it snug.

So today while recovering from a late night at the Blake Shelton concert (very fun for this non-country music girl) I am getting the 2nd one going so that a complete pair will done soon and can be dropped in the mail!



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Dishcloths Galore

In the continued hunt for small projects to work on in the summer months.  I ran across another dishcloth pattern….and this one is knitted and super fast!

It uses under 1 oz. of yarn.  So 2 out of 1 ball of cotton.  Sweet!

And it makes variegated yarn pretty.

There were new skills to be practiced in this little project.  The Kitchener Stitch.  I have used it before, but when I don’t use things regularly I forget them.  So I found a little reminder that was super clear & worked!

I think my dishcloth run has come to an end for now.  I have given several, kept a few, and a have a nice little stack for future giving opportunities.  The weather has started to feel fall-like in the past couple of weeks.  So I think a couple of those sweaters that have been hibernating need to come out and be finished.

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