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More Crochet

Everything that I have read tells me that crochet is “faster and easier” than knitting.  Well, I’m still not convinced of the “easier” part.  But I did find a project that fulfilled the faster part.

In April one of the many treasures that I brought home from the Yarn Shop Hop was some ropey t-shirt yarn.

I was novelty kind of thing that I would normally not even look twice at.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a yarn snob.  Well….unless it has the world silk in it.  And honestly.  Is there anything better than adding silk to yarn???  But I digress.

What got my attention at the store was the samples.  There were bright colored crocheted baskets.  I was in the midst of Grandma’s flowered afghan, so my crochet skills were flowing.  🙂  I was already wondering if I should make myself my own granny square afghan and here is the perfect bright-colored, small project!  Much easier to tackle vs. a large color-filled afghan!  And “Tee Cakes”?  The name makes me smile and that is what anything yarn related does for me.  Makes me happy in my happy place.

So a bright “cake” of green came home with me.  I did not splurge on a designer hook.  Instead I went to the ever-trusted Michael’s and got a gigantic size N.   I was ready, but there were so many other things to do that came into my summer until about a month ago.

I streamed a classic Bing Crosby movie, Top o’ the Morning….which incidentally had knitting inspiration provided.  This lady looks all smug with herself.  🙂

And while I enjoyed a little Bing, I started and finished my own crochet basket!

It was quick.  But I have not fully embraced the “easy”.  I had forgotten how to single crochet!  So back to all of my helpful blog resources for a refresher.  Then using this large of a hook made my hands cramp like you wouldn’t believe!  Most of that is due to the fact that I am a VERY tight hooker (I think people crochet because it’s so easy to sound dirty 🙂 ).  But I was determined and persevered!

I tried to follow the pattern, and in fact tore it out after finishing it once because I didn’t think the dimensions were right.  But sure enough.  Doing it the second time resulted in the same dimensions.  It looks a little larger in diameter and shorter in height than the ones on Ravelry and in the pattern picture.  But I don’t care.  I eliminated the handles and it is perfect for my guest bathroom!

All of the toiletries that you might have forgotten to pack in your suitcase can now be pulled out of the drawer and set on the counter.  I love it!


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This is what my world looked like this morning.  It is Minnesota and all of the weather people agree that there will be a lot more than that by tomorrow night.  Crazy!  It will be short-lived, but it is NOT very spring-like.

Do you think it could be because I was channelling November and made this on Sunday?

He was in my freezer and who wants the oven on for 5 hours in the summer?  I need space for ice cream!  🙂  So, yes, I made a turkey and then it snows.  I’m not taking the blame, but it does seem a little suspicious.

Since I was home all day on Sunday waiting for Turkey Tom to get done.  I worked on the grandma’s afghan which is coming along quite nicely and I streamed some things.  And lo and behold….there was knitting to be found while I was crocheting like a maniac!

Ok, this isn’t actually knitting.  But balling yarn by hand while under a crocheted (?) blanket qualified for close enough for me.  The movie was “Miss Dial“.  I wouldn’t say it was a fabulous flick, but it was some light entertainment that makes you worry a little about people that work from home….and, of course, there was a happy ending.

My other two spottings (remember the turkey cooked for 5 hours) were not movies, but on tv qualified for close enough for me.

Do you see a theme of not needing to exactly follow the rules?

Yes, it is Betty White in Hot in Cleveland.  She didn’t exactly look comfortable doing it, but she did actually appear to be knitting!

Please don’t mind the warped image that resulted from taking a picture of my tv.  But, it is Betty White knitting yet again.  This time the blue yarn has reappeared like many other tv knitting cameos that I have seen.

It was nice to see other people knitting as I continue to crochet away on my white acrylic!  The afghan is big enough to be used while I attach squares and I have not lost my enthusiasm for how fun it is to see it all come together!

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So in the month I’ve been gone, WordPress has revamped.  It’s not exactly user-friendly!

But I am here to report that I have been in a bit of a knitting burnout.  So there is no progress to report.  Instead I have been experimenting with new rhubarb recipes and watching tv while I do it.  And, low and behold, there are people knitting on my tv!

While it rained last weekend I streamed Never Been Kissed.  I like Drew Barrymore and to make her more likable….she “taught” her boss, John C. Reilly, how to knit.  Granted, I don’t actually think he was knitting, but it was a random addin that I found fun.

Then I looked up last night and saw Monica knitting on the first season of Friends!  She actually appeared like she was knitting.  Chandler and Rachel were staged to look like they were winding or unballing yarn…both of which were not actual functional.  But knitting on Friends….you have to love it!

Do you notice that they are both knitting blue pieces?  Maybe it’s a tv thing.  Maybe it’s the same piece of knitting that is just moved from set to set.  🙂

The weather is gorgeous here today.  This morning I planted some flowers and my few vegetables.  And I am off to knit for a little while at a friends house.  Hopefully I can get a couple of rows done before we go have cucumber/pear margaritas!

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I absolutely love movies.  Old movies are my favorite, but all eras of movies are good.   Free time for me is typically spent knitting and watching movies.  Netflix is a very good friend of mine!

Tonight’s knitting movie was Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d.  It was done in the 80’s and is not the best Agatha Christie movie, but low-and-behold there was knitting in it!!

Angela Lansbury….knitting!

It wasn’t the best movie in the world…I don’t think I really care for Elizabeth Taylor.  She is a legend, but I don’t love her style.  But there was Rock Hudson…and I have been a fan of his since I was a little girl and watched his romantic comedies on Sunday afternoons while the rest of my family napped.  And Angela Lansbury as Miss Marple reminded me of her tv series, Murder She Wrote…entertaining.

Not a horrible way to spend a Wednesday evening….especially since I am almost 3/4 of the way through the 4th repeat on my Blanket of Sunshine!!

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What is this?  I realize that I need more yarn (or another scarf) like I need a hole in my head.  But between the mowing, knitting, and general laziness this weekend I went and checked out a yarn shop that I have been meaning to find for quite a while.  I “needed” longer size 7 circular needles to finish one of my many WIP’s…so that is all the excuse I needed to venture to a new area in search of new treasures.  I left Needlework Unlimited with enough of these to do yet another Vintage Velvet scarf and, of course, my needles (at least in my excitement I didn’t forget what I originally went there for).

I made 2 of these scarves for Christmas presents last year and absolutely loved them.  I wanted to do one for myself in red, but at the time I could not find the yarn anywhere except online.  So when I ran across these today, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t pick them up (after all Christmas is only 6 months away, and is it not the perfect Christmas red??).  And I must say NU was a very nice yarn store.  Lots of variety and very friendly staff.  I will most definitely be going back there for some of their gorgeous cotton and bamboo.

In addition to my stash growth, both of my Netflix movies (The Jane Austen Book Club & Agatha Christie’s A Carribean Mystery) had knitting in them this weekend.  It was meant to be a knitting weekend!

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I have been knitting, but it is getting nice out (though it is still chilly here for June), and I am not getting as much needle time as usual.  So to keep me in the mood, I am READING about knitting!

No, not even anything useful, like a pattern book.  Just a light knitting mystery.  This is Maggie Sefton’s 5th knitting mystery, and I must say I enjoy them.  I am not a literary snob, and for the most part enjoy any mystery.  I just read and really enjoyed Shadow of the Wind, but it is meant to be more thought provoking (and had no knitting involved).  This one is just fun, with detailed tangents into the look and feel of beautiful yarn.  (I just had a thought…this could be the Harlequin romance for knitters….true yarn porn written out!)  The characters are fun and interesting.  It’s like having my own knitting group in my house.  AND did you notice how I stuck in my Cinxia sleeve progress!  Yes, there has been some knitting going on.

Then I stumbled across this quite interesting magazine, Wild Fibers.

I have not had time to read it all yet (I just got it on Tuesday), but it is very interesting.  I love to look at pattern and idea magazines, but honestly, I have so many things in my queue now that I don’t even want to be tempted by more.  This had a bit more of an learning slant for me rather than creative.  Learning about the process and where fibers come from will fill my educational urge for the moment.  The cashier at the book store laughed when she saw it….”it looks like he has a perm, what is it?”  I am pretty sure she was going to thumb through a copy after I left.  Also, what is that in the background? Could I actually be blocking the 1st sweater I ever worked on and mostly finished over a year ago?  Will I actually attempt seaming and FINISH something?  Stay tuned!

But in the meantime, I watched Four Brothers (Mark Wahlberg is a fine looking man and the movie was pretty good too) the other night and Fionnula Flanagan was knitting at the end.  It’s my little fun to watch for knitting in the movies!

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