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September Weekends

We are half-way through September and enjoying beautiful weather!  Comfortable gorgeous days and cool nights that allow for open windows while sleeping.  We still have enough heat and sunshine to have beautiful flowers.

But the shorter days of sunlight are starting to give us tinges of what will be our fall color within the next few weeks.

This is my favorite time of year and makes me motivated to do many things and nothing all at the same time.  That is totally contradictory, but makes my weekends become even more happily anticipated and highly treasured.

Last week dead bananas that I purchased for a work function were not all used at the function.

So becoming a tool to make the house smell nummy as banana bread was whipped up…..

This was the perfect start to a slow morning of coffee and anticipation as the hour long bake time allows for a shower and a few chores.

Yes, technically winding yarn is not a chore.  But categorizing it as a chore while waiting for bread to bake makes me feel much more productive.  Like I have a checked another “horrible” task off of my list.

The end result of all of that “work” was fabulously satisfying.  Makes me wish I could start every morning of every day like this.

And all of that effort resulted in my being able to have some fun time to do what I like best. Knitting.

I visited with 2 of my girlfriends on an out-of-town weekend last spring.  I had just finished a pair of fingerless mittens for myself at the time and was happily showing them off.  This resulted in requests from each of them for mitts of their own.  One in blue and one in black.  I started the blue pair first because that particular girlfriend lives in Nebraska, and she is enjoying some slightly cooler temperatures just like I am here in Minnesota.  The black pair will be sent off to Texas, and honestly she might not need anything heavier than those for the entire winter, and she is definitely not going to need them in the next few weeks.

So the blue ones got rolling and with the help of a little binge watching of Stranger Things  over last weekend and almost every night this past week they are half done!

I would like to take this time to note that I am right-handed.  This is only relevant because I can now attest to how difficult it is to hold a camera with your left hand and push the picture-taking-button that is located on the right-side of the camera…all while keeping said camera fairly steady.  Mission accomplished.  But not as easy as one would think!

I really like this free pattern from Cascade yarns.  I read several of the notes on Ravelry and took their tip of knitting the left-leaning cable stitches through the back of the loop.  It makes them lay flatter.

The fit on it is better than the pair that I knit for myself last spring mostly because of the ribbing on the palm which keeps it snug.

So today while recovering from a late night at the Blake Shelton concert (very fun for this non-country music girl) I am getting the 2nd one going so that a complete pair will done soon and can be dropped in the mail!



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Dishcloths Galore

In the continued hunt for small projects to work on in the summer months.  I ran across another dishcloth pattern….and this one is knitted and super fast!

It uses under 1 oz. of yarn.  So 2 out of 1 ball of cotton.  Sweet!

And it makes variegated yarn pretty.

There were new skills to be practiced in this little project.  The Kitchener Stitch.  I have used it before, but when I don’t use things regularly I forget them.  So I found a little reminder that was super clear & worked!

I think my dishcloth run has come to an end for now.  I have given several, kept a few, and a have a nice little stack for future giving opportunities.  The weather has started to feel fall-like in the past couple of weeks.  So I think a couple of those sweaters that have been hibernating need to come out and be finished.

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Grand Finale

I am still recovering from my overload of yarn this past weekend.  My dining room table holds all of my treasures, and my goal is to get it organized and put away this weekend before I go enjoy Easter dinner with some friends on Sunday.

While reviewing my purchases and thinking about all of my new projects I assembled the counting bracelet from the Hop.  Yes, we made it to all 17 stores, so we collected 17 glass beads which were to be strung onto a cord.  I personally have no intention of using it as a bracelet, but will attach it to my knitting bag.

It turned out remarkably cute.  I was quite skeptical as we collected our beads, since on their own they were rather….blah.  But the finished product is very cool!  A great non-fiber memento of the 2014 MN Yarn Shop Hop.

Some of the beads were translucent (very pretty) and some were opaque (not as pretty by themselves).  The finished result was a beautiful rainbow that has a purpose!  I was documenting all of this after dark (a big photography no-no) but tried to capture how pretty it is in the “sun” (the light in my family room).


I was only semi-successful.  The counter, however, works very well.  The beads slide so easily and stay in place…..so it is pretty AND functional!

Since I started this post with my final result…..kind of like starting dinner with dessert.  I will now go back to the salad course.

Saturday started bright and early and our list of stores was long:  Knit’n From the Heart, Darn Knit Anyway, Lila & Claudine’s, A Sheepy Yarn Shoppe, Crafty Planet, All About Yarn, and Amazing Threads.

Knit’n From the Heart was the 2nd shop that was new to the Hop this year.  It is kind of on the other side of the “world” from where I live, and after going there I wish it was closer!  The staff was all so helpful and they have a great selection of yarn.  They also had fabulous wooden yarn bowls that are made locally by a gentleman that recovers wood after storms and turns it into beautiful pieces of art.  I, of course, had to have one.  As I was purchasing it I was told how the gentleman’s mom was appalled at the fact that he had stained the wood red.  Since I am not a wood purist that insists on wood being it’s natural color, the red is exactly what drew me to it.  I absolutely love it!!

And I hate an empty yarn bowl!  So I needed some goodness to fill it…..maybe a hat in my future.

Store #2:  Darn Knit Anyway is one of my favorite stores in the city.  It has a nice layout and fun swag….

It’s also in Stillwater where there is shopping and food galore!  Once again the staff is great, and this time there were 2 regulars having a little sit-and-knit who were so friendly and encouraging with our selections.

“That would make a great cowl.”  

“I have one I’m working on right here that would be great made with that yarn!”

Any kind of affirmation and encouragement to buy yarn from a friendly source adds to the experience.

Yes, shockingly, some yarn was purchased.  Another chemo cap for my Mom…..she just reported she has started to lose her hair.  😦

And don’t just see a swirl of yarn in blah green below, instead picture a lovely cowl to go with the hat from the last store.

But my favorite purchase was actually not photographed.  There were some perfectly adorable buttons that I just put on a finished project!  Hallelujah there is a finished item coming!

Store #3 is also a huge favorite on the east side of town:  Lila & Claudine’s.  Typically I leave there with non-yarn related gear (they have great gift items), but managed to restrain myself this year!

On the way to The Sheepy Yarn Shoppe we stopped in town for a margarita and tacos for lunch….so nummy!

Once fortified with food and drink we were energized for the last half of our day.  the Sheepy Yarn Shoppe has one of the nicest owners.  She is a very helpful lady that is sincere and honest with her input in making selections.  I found the perfect Christmas gift for one of the ladies that I volunteer with.  She wears a scarf nearly every day of the year and this one has just the right amount of razmataz for her.

For the first time we drove right to Crafty Planet with no wrong turns.  They have a very fun supply of novelty fabrics and their Hop pattern honored the local breweries in their neighborhood….a tote to carry your Growler.  Very fun!

Next stop, All About Yarn.  Here we met Diane Augustin who was showing off her gorgeous beaded Happy Hoppin Cowl.  She gave me a 2 minute explanation on how to bead and I was hooked!  I am checking class schedules to see when I could take a class from her, but in the meantime I have supplies.  The crystal beads will look so pretty on the dark blue/purple background!

Our last stop for the day was Amazing Threads.  This is my knitting buddy’s LYS and I am also in there pretty frequently.  But I think we had lost our focus.  We drooled over some yarn, and decided we were done for the day and went for Cucumber-Pear margaritas.

Whew!  Shopping is a lot of work!  But our tradition has been to enjoy a cocktail and recap the favorite stores of the day and all of our plans for our treasures.  Truly fun!  Then home to rest because we were hard at it again on Sunday.

Our day didn’t start as early (thank heaven) since the stores didn’t open until noon.  But our list would take us until 4 PM when they closed:  Linden Hills Yarn & Textile, Needlework Unlimited, StevenBe, The Yarnery, and 3 Kittens.

I think 17 stores in 4 days is a bit of overload for even me….and I love shopping and yarn more than most people.  I was enthused to get going again on Sunday, but was not as enthusiastic about purchasing as I had been on the previous days.  The temptations were just not as seductive and I maintained control which is good for my storage issues and my budget.

But don’t misunderstand…there was yarn purchased (in case you were worried).  They Yarnery has always been another of my favorite stores that is not close enough to my house.  I love the brands that they carry and their color selection within those brands is the widest that I have seen.  I absolutely love Malabrigo Rasta and think some kind of chunky cowl and hat combo will be in my future for next winter.

And as you can see I also managed to be tempted by non-yarn loot.  I always need another project bag and the little fabric catch-all basket/bag was too cute to resist.

Thinking of chunky wool projects for hats and cowls might seem odd in mid-April for people not living where I am.  Our spring has started, and stopped, and started, and stopped, and started, and stopped.

It just won’t quit snowing!

This was the beginning of what turned into about 3″ of the white stuff.  But the bright side is the temps have stopped dipping below 0 degrees.  Now if we could just stay above 32!

Baby steps!




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I always return here to document my annual foray into looking, touching, and buying a lot of yarn in a short amount of time.

The rules are 17 shops in 4 days.  In addition to the anticipation of buying a lot of yarn, we had VIP passes which were attained by donating to the local food shelf chosen by our LYS.  The pass meant that we would receive a glass bead at each store to be assembled into a counting bracelet at the end.  And we’re off!

The 8th annual shop hop started on Thursday, April 10.  Since it was Thursday and my yarn buddy and I work to pay for our yarn addiction, we couldn’t hit the road until 5.  But hit it we did!  We managed to hit 3 stores before they closed at 8:  The Twisted Loop, Unwind, and The Yarn Garage.

The Twisted Loop was a new store to the hop this year and it was a great first stop!  It is located in the entryway of the public library.  I love the library and I love yarn!  How much better could it get?  We met the owner who was full of energy and help.  I have been checking out her class schedule because I want to go back.  A great first impression and I had to purchase the limited edition yarn that was dyed for her shop for the hop.  I have been wanting fingerless mitts for a long time and her yarn and pattern mean that they are finally in my queue!

This was our 2nd year visiting the Unwind Yarn Shop and their 2nd impression was as good as their first!  They are so friendly and have such a good selection of yarn.

I’m pretty sure I will be saying that a lot, but it is sooooo true!

My birthday is in October and I show incredible restraint and save all of my birthday money and any other gift money I get and use it during this weekend.  So as a birthday to myself, funded by my Mom, I picked up the most amazingly soft and gorgeous yarn I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

Despite my amateur photography skills you can still see the hints of green, maroon, and blue in the dark grey.  It’s a very subtle color, but the feel is indescribable.  Artyarns just might be my new favorite silk.  No, I don’t have a plan for it, but whatever it turns into will be wonderful!

Our final stop of the day was The Yarn Garage.  This store is a bit of sensory overload in all of the best ways!  The colors and textures of the yarn are the most varied that I have experienced in one place (well….StevenBe but that space is larger so not so intensified).  In addition to all of the unique yarn options they have a staff that is the definition of helpful, and they are all passionate about being there.  There is knowledge, help, designs, and ideas flowing the entire time you are there.

My hopping buddy truly loves StevenBe creations, but didn’t think she could tackle the shop hop design.  So her love of the project meant that I now know what she will be getting for Christmas if I can get it done by then!

And it didn’t stop there.  My mom recently started chemo (cancer sucks) so I am going to work on a few caps for her for the summer.  This means some cotton was in order for the summer heat.

Isn’t the tag great?  I don’t know who’s gift it will on at Christmas…but it makes me laugh!

Can you believe all of that was only day 1??  Friday – day 2 was shorter since, once again, work got in the way of our fun time.  We escaped a little early at 4, but the shops were closing at 6.  So we hit the 2 that were closest to us:  Skeins and Lakeside Yarns.

Skeins always has the coolest limited edition hop yarn and wouldn’t you know there were already sold out by the time we got there!  And as we would learn….this was going to be a common theme with the shops.  This shop hop was VERY well attended. Great news for us knitters and hopefully great news for the shop owners.

Lakeside Yarns had 4 limited edition hop yarns to represent the four seasons on the lake.  By the time we got there 2 of them were already sold out.  My favorite part of this shop is their book selection.  Once again I found a winner: Indigo by Kim Hargreaves.  She has the best patterns!  I can just sit and thumb through them on a Sunday afternoon…visually they make me happy!

AND I didn’t see it at any other shop we were in so I was very glad I picked it up when I did.

So you are aware that we were 2 days into the hop and had only covered 5 stores.  That means a big weekend with 12 more to go.

But since were are all about self-reward (and cocktails), we celebrated the successful start to another shop hop with cocktails and the best pizza around!  The momentum was rolling and we were ready to “giddy up” bright and early Saturday morning!

The best is yet to come!!!

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Hopping in the Snow

This weekend has been the 7th annual Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop.  Last year was the first year that my knitting buddy and I had heard of it and participated.  It was 14 stores of fun.

This year they increased the number of stores to 16.  We had decided that after last year we needed to plan better and take some time off of work to get it all done, and with 16 stores that was definitely necessary!  So our plan was to leave work as soon as we could on Thursday and then take all of Friday off.

But it is spring here in Minnesota and Mother Nature decided that she would also like to Yarn Shop Hop with us because I woke up to thunder-snow.  I was laying in bed and heard the roll of thunder and not the pitter-patter of rain.  That is NOT a good omen for an easy commute.  It means that you will average about 2″ of snow per hour.  In other words…thunder-snow….really fast snow!  This on top of the rain we had received during the night meant a brutal commute.  In the places that they had plowed the roads they were just exposing the washboard-like ice that was under it.  UGH!

But nothing keeps knitters from their yarn!  The snow pretty much wrapped up by noon and we had probably 6″.  But it is Minnesota so the streets were mostly cleared and we took off at about 2 and would wrap our adventure up at about 7.  We had 1 hour before the stores closed, but we were not in close proximity to anything and needed food…Park Tavern here we come!

But I should get to the good stuff before I get to the end!

We chose to do the South and West stores first.  We made it to 7 of them and have the charms to prove it!  The theme was where iYarn@

Unwind Yarn Shop was our first stop.  The ladies there were so amazingly nice!  Neither of us had been there before, but both agreed that we would go back.  The selection of yarn was good and they had wonderful handmade wooden yarn spinny things (that’s the technical term) from Sun Valley Fibers.  Their charm was the ballerina….iYarn @ the ballet (or ballet practice).

Next came Yarn Garage.  It is a mish-mash of fun fibers and textures.  The staff is always upbeat and helpful.  I scored some orange yarn to go with some yarn I bought last year.  More on that later! There charm was the “live laugh love”.  I’m not sure what that indicated for the iYarn@ theme, but it is cute!

3 Kittens Needle Arts is always a friendly store.  Both of us only tend to make it there for this event since they are a bit outside of our area.  The selection of basic and fun yarn is good, and they always have some unique notions.  Their charm was the coffee mug…. iKnit @ the coffee shop.

We decided to head back closer to home since rush hour was starting and we weren’t sure how the weather was going to affect that nightmare.  So Needlework Unlimited which is my LYS was next.  Their charm was “Made in the USA”.  So I guess that is self-explanatory.  I picked up a couple of little balls of self-patterning yarn to make a cowl.  I keep thinking I will learn fair isle, but until I do I am glad they make yarn that does it for me!  🙂

Linden Yarn & Textiles just moved to their new location in February.  I only learned this from mapping out our Hop and I was very excited.  They are closer to my house and after having this excuse to visit them, I will be back.  The owner was so sweet and their special Hop yarn was gorgeous…some of it came home with me!  Their charm was the sun…. iYarn@ everywhere under the sun, moon, and stars.

Skeins had the most interesting raffle.  They yarn bombed a chair and were raffling it off with proceeds going to the MN Food Shelf.  Very cool idea!  So, of course, their charm was a chair!

Our final yarny stop was Lakeside Yarn.  I visit this store a couple of times a year.  They have changed names several times over the past few years, but they are nice and their selection is very good!  I found some pink yarn to go with a Hop yarn from last year and I picked up some basic yarn since I have decided that I will be crocheting myself an afghan this summer.  Their charm was the cabin.  It is Minnesota and everyone is all about “going up North”.  So it is logical that iYarn @ the cabin!

In addition to learning from last year’s Hop that we needed to plan our time better, we also learned that you need to budget/save for this event!  Much of the yarn that I bought last year has been used in the past year because I had planned my projects well.  I tried to do the same this year, and I had saved my fun money so that I have no guilt!  🙂

We got home tired and happy!  My treasures were laid out on the table for me to admire and then it was off to bed to be well rested for Friday!!




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It is still cold in the great white north and there is still plenty of snow on the ground.  I am continuing my pre-spring tradition of using tulips to get over the winter blues.

The did not have yellow, but I do like the pink and orange just about as well!

I have also been trying to get some knitting done.  It is too early to work in the yard (other than the tree trimming that I did this past week), so the sunny weekend days are spent cooking, catching up on movies, and knitting.  Bonnie has been on hold since last summer after I finished the sleeves.  About the beginning of February I picked up the project again and have started the body of the sweater!  Since I HATE seaming….I am doing it in the round.  There is something about cables that are so fulfilling for me!

We are forecasted to get some snow tomorrow, so I am debating on getting out of the house with the camera and trying to document this beautiful sunny Saturday.  I couldn’t get the boy to go to Stillwater with me….so we will see if I get motivated to go it alone!

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What do I do between mowing the yard and the rain showers?  I buy myself tulips.

I have mentioned before that I love to splurge and by myself flowers for the weekend.  I put these tulips in a cool glass block vase that I got from my grandma’s house when she passed away.  Tulips are my most favorite flower ever, and these make me smile!

Things have been busy enough around here.  There was vacation which will be discussed later, Yarnover where MORE yarn was purchased, and there has been knitting!

I started this on Saturday…post-vacation.  Due to my lack of finesse with finishing I am knitting the body in the round up to the armholes.  Soooo…..I had to figure out  jogless striping! 

I’m not sure it’s how everyone else does it.  After I knit the first row of the new stripe/color, on the 1st stitch of the 2nd row I pick up the right leg of the lower stitch so the color is from the previous stripe)..bring it up on the left needle and knit it together with the 1st stitch of the 2nd row.  It works!!!

Now I am off to watch a movie, work on Monte Carlo, and enjoy the sound of the rain in the trees through my open windows!

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